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Thread: The Weekly Drabble Challenge - Inner Thoughts - Results!

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    Author Name: hogwartsduchess
    Title: Petrified
    Word count: 203
    Warnings: None

    “Is there anything you would like to tell me?” Professor Dumbledore asked.

    Just tell him.

    If I tell him, he’ll tell Percy, and Ron, and the twins – and Harry! Then they’ll all hate me!

    Harry is an honourable boy and the others are family. They won’t hate you.

    Yes, they will. I did it. I set the monster free. I killed the roosters and Petrified Colin. It was me. ME!

    No, it wasn’t. It was Riddle. And you threw his diary away, so now he won’t be able to make you do it any more.

    But Harry has it! I saw him! What if Riddle tells Harry that I sent him the Valentine? What if Riddle tells Harry that I did it all?

    So, tell Dumbledore what happened and get the diary back. It’s really quite simple.

    No, I can’t tell him. He’ll expel me. He’ll tell everyone it was me and he’ll expel me. You know what Riddle said – no one would believe me if I told them what really happened. All they will see is little Ginny Weasley, talentless and weak, and they’ll lock me up for this, I know they will. Riddle was right. I can’t tell anyone.

    “I see.”

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    The Rant of a Free Prisoner

    Name: Lily_writes
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: The Rant of a Free Prisoner
    Word Count: 469
    Warnings: None, really.

    "Is there anything you would like to tell me?"

    You know bloody well there's something I'd like to tell you. I don't like being locked up in the house I ran away from at sixteen, I despise being told I'm not doing anything useful by Sniv- Snape, I haven't heard from Harry for months now, and I'm bloody lonely. I miss gettting letters from my godson. I feel guilty because I half wished he would be expelled over the dementor incident. I even wish that that wretched old toad would throw him out sometimes, I'm getting so bored.

    I haven't been outside for nine months now, did you know that? I'm desparate to get out. I wouldn't mind if I was disguised as a dog on a leash, being led by someone just to take out the trash. That's how much I want fresh air. I would like to have a fresh breeze flow through the window, but even that can't be. "What if someone looks up and sees you standing by the window?" That's what Molly says every time I beg her to crack it open an inch. I'd be better off in Azkaban, at least there was a breeze, and company all the time. I see you look surprised. Don't be. I find it rather ironic that I escaped one prison only to be holed up in another.

    Anything that would've made my life enjoyable has been taken from me. Harry can't write anymore, Remus doesn't stay long, nor anyone else from the Order, all I have here is Kreacher and Buckbeak, and even then that accursed house-elf isn't here all the time. I still don't know where he disappears off to half the time.

    You don't even know how I feel right now. The only way you could truly appreciate my situation is if you locked yourself in your dead mother's house for nine months, have people pop in and out once in awhile but can't talk to them because, they're too busy to "stay for a chat", and while you're at it, make absolutely sure that there's someone who can rub it in your face that you aren't doing anything
    useful as they brag about top secret assignments they were given.

    I don't even know if Harry cares about me anymore. I gave him James' mirror before he left to go back to school. Either he forgot about it or he's not using it because he doesn't care about me anymore.

    I think I hear Remus calling me. Snivellus wants a word with the Order members here. Oh, don't give me that look. If you were trapped here for as long as I have, you'd be just as cantankerous. Do me a favor and stay here. I still have a few bones to pick with you. I need to go see what Snivelling Snape wants with me. I hope Harry's okay, even if he doesn't care about me anymore.

    "I see."

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    Author Name: Infantestarburst
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: It was just a dare
    Word count: 250
    Warnings: mention of nudity and drunkenness

    "Is there anything you would like to tell me?" Dumbledore questions as he looks at me. As if he doesn't already know what happened. He always knows.

    What should I tell him?!? The truth, I've got to tell the truth. But how would that sound? It was just a dare! I buried my head in my hands, covering it with my bushy, brown hair.

    Me! Hermione Granger! Head Girl no less. I've always prided myself on being the brightest witch, and now this! It was just a little party, to celebrate my new post and the last year of school. I'll admit it got out of hand though. But how was I supposed to know that Seamus spiked the punch!

    Everyone knows I can't hold alcohol well. Everyone! I guess they thought it would be funny to see what happens when the Head Girl gets a little tipsy.

    At first it was fine, just some risqué dancing. Then someone suggested a game. Truth or Dare. The inventor of that game should be locked up in Azkaban forever! Stupid me, under the influence, decided to take dare.

    Worst decision ever. They made me run through the halls stark nude. Oh I didn't hesitate to drop my robes. Until Filch caught me.

    So now I'm here. I look up at the man behind the desk, my eyes pleading, begging for him not to make me repeat what happened. He knows, and looks at me kindly through those grandfather like eyes.

    "I see."

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    Author: Starmaiden
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: After the Willow
    Word count: 485
    Warnings: None.

    “Is there anything you would like to tell me?”

    Yes. No. Oh, what in Merlin’s name is there to say? How do I explain? How do I explain why I had to drag Severus Stinking Snape away from that blasted Willow? How do I explain that my best mate almost killed my worst enemy?

    And how do I explain why he did it? How do I tell him that Snape wants the girl I want? How do I tell him that Sirius didn’t want him dead?

    How do I tell him that when I don’t believe it?

    I think I love Lily, because you can’t be so stupid about someone and not love them. But why, of all the hundreds of girls in the school, did Snape and I have to fix on the same one? I hate the thought of him wanting her. But I can’t help it. Even if I hate him. Especially if Sirius does. I mean, it’s great of him to try and make him look bad in front of Lily, but he’s a nutcase.

    He said Snivellus had it coming for cutting my face open. But he didn’t deserve to die. Maybe to be tied up in his robes and hung from the Astronomy Tower for a while, but not death. Not at the price of him seeing Moony like that. If Moony had attacked –

    Snape wouldn’t care. He’d say “the werewolf” had it coming. He’d sneer when they came to take Remus away. And we’d hex him into space, but Remus would never come back.

    They won’t come for Remus, Not if we have to die for him. Which we might, if this goes badly. I haven’t said anything for about ten minutes, which is usually a bad sign…

    I wonder if he’s reading my mind. You reading my mind, Professor? You know, now, if you are. I can’t really tell, no one’s used Legilimency on me before. But you won’t tell if you do know. You won’t tell anyone that Sirius hates Snape “for wanting my girl” but really because Snape corrupted Regulus and now Regulus won’t even talk to Pads. You won’t tell that Snape’s been even more nasty after he called Lily a Mudblood and she walked away, even though it was his fault. You won’t tell how he – I – we – feel about her.

    I had a speech worked out about how I was taking a stroll and happened to see Snape out by the Willow, but you can just look through me and I forget it all. Besides, I never had a good explanation for Padfoot.

    I’m sorry, I really am. If I could have stopped Sirius, I would have. I never wanted it to go this far, especially because Snape knows about Moony now. But I swear I didn’t want it to be like this.

    Dragon pox on your light blue eyes.

    “I see.”

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    Author: immortal_evil
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Not My Fault
    Word count: 210
    Warnings: None

    "Is there anything you would like to tell me?"

    Bloody hell, it wasn't me, I swear! It was all Fred's idea! I mean, who else could blow up a toilet like that?

    Exactly. Only a Fred Weasley. Not a George– a Fred. There's a thin line of difference, but it's there. I'd do it for the kicks, he does it for the girls. But, he doesn't know girls our age aren't interested in toilet anymore. They've moved on while we're still here acting like eleven year old, tattle-taling on each other and levitating pies into people's faces.

    That was all Fred's idea, too, for the record.

    How immature can you get? Fred's always the one doing it. I just tell him how, no big deal. But it's always "Fred and George this... Fred and George that." Maybe this and that are always true, but Fred starts it. I just suggest it.

    You're not going to call my mum, are you? If you do, it was all Fred's idea! He's probably out there snickering at me right now. Bring him in! Serve him justice!

    Toilets can be replaced, can't they? You're the great Dumbledore; you can fix a toilet.

    It was all Fred's doing. I just helped a little.

    "I see."

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    Simply Being
    Author: Simply Being
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: No more teasing
    Word count: 273
    Warnings: None


    “Is there something you would like to tell me?”

    Luna’s thoughts quickly snapped back to attention. Oh yes, the detectors she was going to suggest. Of course it only made sense for every hallway to have them. And so should every common room, classroom, and, oh yes, the Great Hall too. Luna had been terribly proud of herself for the idea. Who but her could of thought of keeping her fellow students safe from the Fiery Horksniffles? Luna’s smile stretched from ear to ear just from the very thought. Just think, there could be a Horksniffle detector on every ceiling. Once everyone was safe from their evil fiery stingers, notorious for setting student’s hairs alight, there would be no more teasing.

    No more Loony Lovegood. Yes, she could hear all the sniggers. The laughter they thought was concealed behind their hands. No more classmates slipping notes into her bag, fake letters from Saint Mungo’s wishing that she would join their mental institute. No more stealing of her prized Koobleknockers. No more ripping up of her latest copy of The Quibbler.

    Luna was satisfied. Everyone would be thankful know. She would save many a student’s hair with her ingenious invention. Yes, yes, everyone would be grateful. And the best part is, she thought cheerily, everyone will owe me! She could make them buy copies of The Quibbler, you know, just to up circulation a bit. She could have her formerly sneering classmates hanging posters on Knarles Awareness. They would be happy to do her favors, they would be so obliged.

    Sheer joy flooded through her as she settled contentedly into her fantasy.

    “I see.”

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    And the winners are...

    1st. Immortal_Evil - Not my Fault.

    2nd. cmwinters - Thoughts of Indecision.

    3rd Kumydabookworm - Foolish Doubts.

    It was great to see so many entries for this one, and special mention must go to the Slyths for their fantastic effort.

    Can I just remind you that ALL entries by the same author must be in one post. If you have another drabble, just edit your original post.
    I'm not lost to you. You'll always be able to find me in your words. That's where I'll live on..

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