Author Name: hogwartsduchess
Title: Petrified
Word count: 203
Warnings: None

“Is there anything you would like to tell me?” Professor Dumbledore asked.

Just tell him.

If I tell him, he’ll tell Percy, and Ron, and the twins – and Harry! Then they’ll all hate me!

Harry is an honourable boy and the others are family. They won’t hate you.

Yes, they will. I did it. I set the monster free. I killed the roosters and Petrified Colin. It was me. ME!

No, it wasn’t. It was Riddle. And you threw his diary away, so now he won’t be able to make you do it any more.

But Harry has it! I saw him! What if Riddle tells Harry that I sent him the Valentine? What if Riddle tells Harry that I did it all?

So, tell Dumbledore what happened and get the diary back. It’s really quite simple.

No, I can’t tell him. He’ll expel me. He’ll tell everyone it was me and he’ll expel me. You know what Riddle said – no one would believe me if I told them what really happened. All they will see is little Ginny Weasley, talentless and weak, and they’ll lock me up for this, I know they will. Riddle was right. I can’t tell anyone.

“I see.”