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Thread: The Weekly Drabble Challenge - Inner Thoughts - Results!

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    "To Tell Or Not To Tell" and "He Deserved It, Right?"

    Name: Lily_writes
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: To Tell Or Not To Tell
    Word Count: 193
    Warning(s): HBP Spoiler

    "Is there anything you would like to tell me?"

    After all these years, I'm still not sure if I should. What would happen if he found out? Would he be able to?

    Slughorn looked about the office, avoiding Dumbledore's gaze.

    If I did, what good would it do? I knew Horcruxes were a banned subject, and they still are, but what would've happened if I had told Armando what I had told him? Would I have been fired? Would I be fired now? This is fine pickle I got myself into. I made one mistake over fifty years ago and it has been haunting me ever since. My dear friend and colleague, I wish I could tell you, but I can't, I just can't. I know you sent Harry to try a week ago, but I'm not telling him either. I won't let you see more than I gave you when you tricked me into it with Veritaserum. I'm sorry, Albus, but I don't. I'm not ready.

    Slughorn bowed his head and slowly shook it. Dumbledore, who had worn a serene smile when Slughorn had walked in, now looked solemn, almost grave.

    "I see"
    Title: He Deserved It, Right?
    Word Count: 351
    Warning(s): None, unless you have an issue with people pranking Snape...

    "Is there anything you would like to tell me?"

    All four Marauders were sitting in front of Dumbledore's desk, looking down at their feet and studying them as if they had suddenly found them rather interesting.

    If only Dumbledore could understand, James thought. I was only helping Peter get back at Sniv- I mean Snape. He really deserved it too. At least, I thought covering all his robes in large neon orange spots reading "I love Professor Slughorn" was a fair exchange for him splashing Peter's potion in his face. Poor Petey was in the hospital wing for a week with blue and green acne. I know I'm Head Boy now, and should be more responsible. Just please, don't tell Lily, she'll kill me!

    Come on Dumbledore, don't blame James for adding the hens that were magically glued on, that was completely my idea, thought Sirius. I only threw it on as a finishing touch. It's not my fault they all lay eggs every minute, it's not like I charmed them to do that. Oh, wait, yes I did. But you have to admit it was really funny.

    Professor Dumbledore, I wish you could understand, thought Remus. We Marauders are like the Three Musketeers, except there are four of us. Don't punish them for the cloud that followed him for an hour raining grease on him, that was me. Let's face it, I'm not prefect material. I can't stop my friends from pranking people, let alone myself. I wish you could forgive us.

    Please Professor, don't give us detention, they were only sticking up for me, Peter thought. They only wanted to help me get revenge on Snape for what he did to me last week. Anyway, I'm the one who persuaded Peeves to follow him and scream out "here comes the king of snot" everytime he left a room.

    Dumbledore looked over the four seventh-years, three of whom looked a little nervous and kept shooting him quick glances, the last one looking a bit calmer than the rest, as if he had done this hundreds of times.

    "I see."

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    Name: glacialis
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Insecurities
    Word Count: 248
    Warning(s): None

    "Is there anything you would like to tell me?"

    Draco squirmed in his chair. Of course there were things he wanted to tell him. But would it be worth it? Would it be safe? Would everything, if at all anything, work out?

    He considered just coming clean and out with everything. But what could Dumbledore by himself do against an army of Death Eaters? He may be the greatest wizard the wizarding world had ever seen, but he was oldÖ and that- that hand lay there on the desk as testimonyÖ

    He was going to be a traitor. And heíd heard what happens to traitors. Heíd heard the story about some sniveling invertebrate named Regulus. He tried to escape by selling information to the Order of the Phoenix. They caught him just before the meeting point.

    The Dark Lord had ways of finding things out. He had eyes everywhere.

    He was in a lose-lose situation. Either way, Death was there, ready to shake his hand.

    Draco hesitated. He just... couldn't say anything.

    Dumbledore inched forward, half-moon spectacles flashing momentarily. It almost looked like Dumbledore knew he was embarrassed... He was known to be a highly-accomplished Legilimens...

    Of course he was ashamed. He was going to be the traitor that ran away with his mother. He was now a traitor and a mamaís boy. And a traitor for the Order of the Phoenix.

    All because he was scared.

    Dumbledore rose, half-moon spectacles glinting in the fading sunlight.
    ďI see.Ē

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    Name: Kumydabookworm
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Foolish Doubts
    Word Count: 412 words
    Warnings: Bit of Foul (British) Language

    ďIs there anything you would like to tell me?Ē

    The old codger thinks heís so intelligent. He thinks that one look from those blue eyes and a long moment of silence will break anyone who walks through his office doors. Maybe thatís true for most people, but not for me.

    Dumbledore is different from the other teachers. Iíll admit I made a mistake, revealing so many of my secrets in the orphanage. Nevertheless, I should have been able to ease away this dislike with my charm over the years, but Dumbledore remains unchangedÖand wary.

    He suspects that I am guilty Ė that the Chamber of Secrets has not been closed. But I know as well as he does that those conjectures will not sway the other teachersí adoration of me. So he brings me here, hoping that I am somehow weaker than I appear. He will be disappointed.

    Overconfident, pureblooded dunce. He doesnít know me. Neither do my minions in Slytherin who think theyíre my friends, or that stupid Headmaster who thinks Iím such a perfect Head Boy.

    They make me sick Ė all of them.

    People say Dumbledore will be the next Headmaster. As I look at him now, perched upon his Transfigured desk, I can picture him surrounded by portraits of past Headmasters. Itís a sight to laugh at. This fool at the head of the greatest school of magicÖCan you imagine?

    He may have power, but he is weak. He depends on love and loyalty Ė such naÔve principles. I donít want to destroy this school until Dumbledore is in charge. Then, I can make this infuriating wizard fall. I can make him pay.

    How can the people love him?

    His eyes are grave. It feels as though he knows something. Has a Slytherin told him of the diary? Should I reveal my conversation with Slughorn? Perhaps a proper show of guilt would satisfy him.

    Foolish doubts. The bumbling fool knows nothingÖI can feel his soft, prying touch trying to ease its way inside me. He does not know me Ė he thinks Iím like all Hogwarts students. But I know exactly what heís trying to do.

    Iíll show him how wrong he is. I am clear of all emotionÖ

    There. The shields have gone up. Those months of building my skills as an Occlumens have paid off.

    Dumbledoreís mouth tightens; his eyes widen. I can practically see his mind coming up with an inconsequential murmur to brush off my skills.

    ďI see.Ē

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    Name: just_the_contrary
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: It's My Life
    Word Count: 213
    Warnings: None

    "Is there anything you would like to tell me?"

    No. No, there isn’t. Just back off and let me live my own life, okay?

    My own life. Who am I kidding? No respected pure-blood Slytherin, even me, can live their own life. We’re always living someone else’s… but who’s?

    My family’s. I live my family’s life of terror, horror and pure-blood dignity. A laundry list of likes and hates; people to respect, people to victimize… hell, I don’t even get to pick my future wife. These things I do… the thing I just did… I don’t choose. I would never do them if I could pick who I want to be – myself. My personality is a facsimile of my father’s. I had no one else’s to model after, and everyone knows I can’t have my own. My own would be a disgrace to the pure-blood kind.

    Nothing is my own. Everything I seem to have I don’t – confidence, esteem, friends. ‘My friends’ disgusted me with their mudblood ravings and horrible acts, cockiness and the appalling way they speak to people that aren’t Slytherins – until I realized I was just like them.

    The same.

    And if there was anything, anything is the world I could do to change it, only one thing –

    “I see.”

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    Author Name: moonymaniac
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: How Humiliating!
    Word count: 330
    Warnings: None

    How Humiliating!

    “Is there anything you would like to tell me?”

    Oh dear, he must know something. Does he know I was involved? Should I admit it? Oh, Merlin, no, I can’t tell him this! First of all, if I told him, he’d probably expel me. And Mum and Dad would kill me! It would be bad enough just to be expelled, but if they find out what I did…Oh, I can’t! My brothers would never let me hear the end of it. It would be so humiliating!

    I know I shouldn’t have done it. I know they’re against school rules. But it was just supposed to be a bit of harmless fun. I really didn’t mean to poison him. I’d never do that.

    Oh, crap! I poisoned him. That’s probably going to get me more than expelled; I’ll probably end up in Azkaban. Oh, no…Oh, help, what am I going to do? I can’t tell. I just can’t!

    But if I don’t, Madam Curie might not figure out what is wrong with him…what if he stays like that? He’ll hate me! I don’t want him to hate me. I mean, that was the whole point of giving him the stupid potion in the first place. I just thought it would be fun to see how he acted. I didn’t know it was a faulty potion.

    Oh, why did I listen to Margaret? Why? I will never listen to her again, the idiot! And it was her stupid recipe!

    Oh, what am I going to do? Why is he looking at me like that? He’s waiting for an answer. But I just can’t tell. Madam Curie is good. She’ll sort it out within the week. If she doesn’t, I’ll tell them, then. Right…okay, that’s good. That’s what I’ll do. So just keep quiet for now.

    And I swear I’ll never make another bloody love potion as long as I live!

    “I see.”

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    Name- wendelin the wierd
    House- Gryffindor
    Title- A Full Moon night
    Word count- 223
    Warnings- none

    Remus Lupin looked fearfully at Dumbledore wondering just how much he knew.

    ĎIs there anything else you would like to tell me?í Dumbledore asked his clear blue eyes piercing into Remusí.

    Remusí face grew deathly pale.

    How much does he know? Dare I tell him?

    No, heíll probably send me away. Who in their right minds would want a werewolf being taught beside their children?

    But what if he didnít tell anyone? Would I be able to stay here then?

    And how would I explain that I had to go away once every month on the night of the full moon to become a werewolf? Surely if a parent found out about that they would withdraw their child from the school?

    What if I hid somewhere? Somewhere where I wouldnít be putting anyone in danger?

    Dumbledore wouldnít mind that I am a werewolf, would he? Everybody says heís extremely broad minded.

    But what if he tells James or Sirius? Will they ever want to be my friend again? Will they ever feel that I can be trusted? Will they trust a werewolf?

    No! Whatever happens nobody must know. Itís the only way.

    Remus looked up into Dumbledoreís eyes, watching his face to find out if Dumbledore had any idea of what had just transpired through his head.

    Dumbledore merely said, ĎI see.í
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    Cruciatus Love
    Name- Cruciatus Love
    House- Slytherin
    Title- Another Enemy
    Word count- 463
    Warnings- none

    ďIs there anything you would like to tell me?Ē

    He asks that question as if I want to dump my heart out to him. He has always been that way. Always thinking that peopleís lives are simply an open book ready for any nose to be stuck intoóespecially his.

    But, no. No, I donít want to tell him my secrets. No, I donít want him to know every aspect of my life. And definitely no, I am never planning on letting him know what he wants to know. My life is my life. It is not one to be taken lightly.

    That is the problem with old Dumbledore. He always sees the best in people where there is no potential and he always trusts the people who have no dependability. Some people are just weak and need to be taken flippantly. Not everyone can live up to high standards.

    Iíve always hated Dumbledore for his standards. He holds up the undeserving too high while keeping back those who deserve praise. He pushes those who have nowhere to go, yet restrains those who have a long path laid ahead of them. He only trusts the weak, yet fears the strong. Never will he become a powerful man if he chooses the wrong allies.

    Allies and followers are a very important part of gaining power. You can use them to do your bidding and help you to succeed, but you donít run the risk of discovery and you donít have to pay the consequences. They are willing to work for simply praise, yet you can still dispose of them if they disobey you. The old man needs to understand this.

    But he is only an old man. Old men are only good for giving useless advice and living as a parasite on others. They canít help anyone; they can only pretend.

    But he did help me. He saved me. Saved me from the torture of the orphanage. Saved me from the world of those who are worthy of nothing more than they have. He saved me from the nothing that I had and brought me to the salvation of everything. And for that, I admire him.

    I do admire him. He is the only father figure I have even known. He taught me to walk, run, and even fly. He opened up my soul and showed me the potential I held inside. Without him I would still be nobody. He has my respect.

    But I will never let him know. He is still fighting for the wrong cause. He is still befriending those who do not deserve his admiration. He is still wrong. Until he learns to save himself, he will never be truly safe.

    For now, he is simply another enemy.

    ďI see.Ē

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    Name: lily_evans34
    House: RAVENCLAW!
    Title: Hold On
    Word count: 341
    Warnings: Well... if you've read HBP, there's a spoiler, thus defying the warning, but if you haven't, you probably don't know what I'm talking about, so I think you're safe.

    ďIs there anything you would like to tell me?Ē

    Yes. No. I want to, but I canít. I donít know where to begin. I donít know how to tell you this. I donít think that I can.

    My whole life, Iíve been told whatís right, and whatís wrong. Everythingís always been so cut and dry. Thatís what Iíve been raised to believe, and itís just always been so easy to think that. I just do what Iím supposed to. Follow my orders, whoever theyíre from. Itís like Iím being led through life, following the hand of whoeverís guiding me.

    But now, thereís something I need to do. Just another one of my orders. Simple, no? Just do what Iím told, no? Well, now everything is becoming so much more difficult. I donít think that I can handle the pressure of what I need to do. I donít think that I can do it.

    ButÖ itís more than that. Lately, Iíve been doubting everything that Iíve been led to believe. Whatís right? Whatís wrong? Itís all just a big blur to me. Everything that Iíve ever been taught doesnít seem to matter anymore. Everything that Iíve ever believed is just fading away, leaving me to think on my own. Form my own opinions. Do whatís right for
    me. Not my father, not my family, not my Master. Just me. And, I donít know if I can do this. I donít know what to do. Just break away from everything that Iíve been taught is right? Betray the only people who Iíve ever followed, just aimlessly wandering, without thinking for myself?

    I just donít know if I can do this. I
    canít think for myself. I canít defy everyone and everything that Iíve always believed. I donít think that I can let go of that hand, pulling me towards my next destination. Itís just easier that way. Just do what Iím told. I donít want to do anything else. I canít do anything else. All I can do is hold on.

    ďI see.Ē

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    Author Name: Mistletoe
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Trust
    Word count: 367
    Warnings: none

    “Is there something you would like to tell me?”

    Should I tell him or not? Was it worth losing the trust of my best friends for the sake of saving myself? No, it was not worth it at all.

    We had been carelessly roaming the grounds as we did once every month. Only this time, Remus got out of control, and even Sirius wasn’t able to tame him. He ran from us after Sirius had so desperately tried to calm him down at the site of a human.

    The mere smell of this young boy set Remus off. He wildly launched himself in the direction of the boy, but Sirius carefully threw himself in Remus’ path which gave me just enough time to throw the boy on my back and take him safely and quickly to the Hogwarts steps. The boy ran inside, presumably to Dumbledore.

    Once I returned to Sirius and Peter, Remus was nowhere to be found. We searched everywhere for the werewolf until the crack of dawn when we heard him whimpering by the Whomping Willow. He was just inside the entrance to the tunnel that Dumbledore so generously made for Remus’ escape during his transformations.

    If I had been the young boy, maybe a first or second year, I would have gone directly to Dumbledore to tell him of the werewolf, black dog, stag, and rat that I had seen on the grounds.

    Dumbledore isn’t dense,
    I thought quickly. He must know that the other three animals helping Remus were not real animals. What if he knows what we have done? But I cannot admit to it. It is against wizarding law to be an unregistered Animagus. But would Dumbledore really turn us in for breaking the law in order to keep our friend under control? He wouldn't-- would he? I mean, it is a serious breach of wizarding law.

    Dumbledore has already risked so much by allowing Remus to go to school here, all we would be doing by admitting to it would be betraying his trust. We are threatening ourselves for the sake of our best friend, and nothing is going to stop me, or us, from still doing it.

    “I see.”

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    Author Name: sayiansirius
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Betrayal
    Word Count: 345
    Warning: None

    ďIs there anything you would like to tell me?Ē

    Peterís gaze dropped down to the floor. There was so much that he could have told him. There was so much that he had to tell him, for it concerned Dumbledore, and his best friends. He couldnít tell Dumbledore because he would surely inform James, Sirius, Remus, and Lily. If that happened, they were sure to desert him; well, after Sirius murdered him.

    Thoughts raced through his mind. He had gone too far. He had gone where only few people had gone. He had given his mind and life up to the most dangerous person in the world. He had given it to the one who could turn on him and kill him at any instant, the one who everyone feared: The Dark Lord.

    Peter sighed and looked up and met Dumbledoreís gaze. Dumbledore sat quietly while Peter pondered. He hadnít moved nor said a word. But Peter had the feeling that Dumbledore knew everything that was going through his head. He should tell him and he knew it. It would be better hearing it from him instead of finding out from another source like Severus Snape. He should just show him the mark on his arm. He should divulge every one of the Dark Lordís secrets to him.

    What would they think of you, Peter. Theyíd still take you as a betrayer. You are plotting against your best friend and his wife. There is no turning back from the Dark Lord once youíre in. You agreed.

    He can hide me though. He knows charms that none of us has yet to master and he can hide me effectively.

    The Dark Lord shall find you wherever you are. You cannot hide!

    Peter sighed once more, took a deep breath, and looked up. He had made up his mind. He wasnít going to betray the Dark Lord.

    Peter opened his mouth to say something, but Dumbledore held up his hand to silence him.

    Dumbledore slightly shook his head and sadness filled his bright blue eyes. ďI see.Ē

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