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Thread: The Weekly Drabble Challenge - Inner Thoughts - Results!

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    Author Name: CM Winters
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Thoughts of Indecision
    Word count: 497
    Warnings: None

    "Is there anything you would like to tell me?”

    I can't believe he asked me such a question. Does he think I haven't thought about it? Of course I've thought about it! I thought about it a good long while before even deciding to come here. I best not roll my eyes in front of him, but really, would I like to tell him something? No. Should I? That's another matter entirely.

    I can't believe what happened last night! I fought with them all about changing their decision. I KNOW what disaster this can wreak!

    On the other hand . . . it certainly may make things very, very good. At least for me.

    It's funny, that my insistence that they stick with the original plan only served to further cement their opinion that I'm the right choice after all.

    Ouch! My finger hurts. I've been gnawing on it a lot for the last few hours and it's starting to become raw. Maybe, since I'm at the school, I should go to Severus for something. Pickled tentacles, or something along those lines? He is here, after all. On the other hand, we've all steadfastly avoided him, and he us, for the past two years. He'd get suspicious if I suddenly went to him for something. And he doesn't know about me. If I brought myself to his attention, he might figure out what's going on. I simply cannot have that.

    Blast! Dumbledore's looking at me expectantly. Well, I'm NOT going to meet his eyes, I won't! I've heard what they say about him, that he's nearly as gifted a Legilimens as the Dark Lord. I'm not stupid, no matter what everyone else thinks!

    I'd better make a decision, quickly. If I continue to dally, it will only make him more suspicious.

    You know, in the long run, I think this really will be better for everyone. Well, except for the boy, but he is hardly my concern.

    His parents - well, that's another matter entirely. But they'll get over the initial shock, people always do. No matter how convinced they are that they will not. And besides, they're young, they can have another child. This game they've been playing is dangerous as well as foolish, they can't honestly hope to come out on top! Better to get it out of the way now, then we can all go on with our lives.

    I'd better just hand the parchment over. Sirius is such a fool. He honestly thinks that by writing the address in his hand, it will lead the pursuers to him, even if I'm the one that has to
    give them the parchment, thereby revealing the Secret myself. He still thinks everyone will think he was the Keeper.

    No, there isn't anything I want to tell Dumbledore.

    They'll all see that I was right, eventually.

    I need to just leave. I . . . have other places to be today.

    "I see."

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    Author Name: Sour.Apple
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Wallowing in Silence
    Word count: 216
    Warnings: None

    “Is there anything you would like to tell me?”

    Yes professor, I thought sarcastically to myself, I would love to spill my recent doing with you. I mean, it’s not like you would give me a detention or anything.

    As if.

    Maybe I should make something up? He probably wouldn’t believe me even if I did tell the truth.

    Yes professor, I visualized myself saying. We were only doing it for the welfare of the school. He really did need to take a bath. Okay, so maybe the pink bubbles were slightly unnecessary. But you must admit, pink really is dear Snivillus’ color.

    So we might of gone a little far with the potion, but that was the best part! You can’t punish us for showing Gryffindor spirit, can you? The dye will wash out in a few days...a week. Actually, now that I think of it, the state of how long it remains slips my mind currently. I’ll have get back to you on that one.

    Now that I think of it, professor, why did you call on only me to come down to your office? Are you trying to let me wallow in my thoughts, with no one to talk to save you, so I admit the whole scheme?

    Sirius, you’re losing it.

    “I see.”

    Author Name: Sour.Apple
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Haunting Decisions
    Word count: 212
    Warnings: None

    “Is there anything you would like to tell me?”

    Do I turn them in? He wouldn’t blame me for something they did, would he?

    I knew I shouldn’t have let them go through with it in fifth year. I should of just told them no, that I was fine transforming alone. We could have hurt somebody gallivanting around the Hogwarts grounds.

    I made to spill out my(or rather my fellow Marauder’s) secret to him, but couldn’t bring myself to do it.

    I’ve betrayed him. He won’t trust me if I tell him. I’ll be out of here before the sun sets, with nowhere to go.

    But, what if Harry dies because Black is sneaking into the castle as a dog. It’s hopeless. I’ve already messed up once and it cost Lily and James their lives, I can’t do it again and kill their only son.

    If only I had insisted they use a different secret keeper, then they could still be standing today and I wouldn’t be in this mess.

    So, I either tell Dumbledore and get sent out of Hogwarts and rejected completely by society, or I don’t tell him and risk the possibility of Harry being murdered.

    Oh Remus, look at the messes you get yourself into.

    “I see.”

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    Name: Lily_writes
    House: Ravenclaw!
    Title: Is There a Problem, Professor Dumbledore?
    Word Count: 219
    Warnings: None, anymore...

    "Is there anything you would like to tell me?"

    James Potter and Lily Evans were both standing in front of Professor Dumbledore's desk.

    Does he know what we were doing? Lily thought anxiously. I know it was inappropriate, but it was too much fun! I mean, it sounded like a good idea at the time.

    I knew I shouldn't have persuaded Lily to do this, James thought, looking over at his nervous girlfriend. I mean, it's not something most teachers punish you for. We were only having some innocent fun, is all. I just wish we looked a little more presentable.

    Oh no! I just remembered that some of the other kids said he could read minds! Oh man, we could be in so much trouble! Lily thought, panicking slightly now. What we did was far from dignified, and something I would never have thought I would do anywhere, let alone by the lake while it's raining out.

    Oh, great, I just remembered that Dumbledore is one of those Leg...legi...mind readers, James thought. All I have to do is not think about Filch hauling us up here because we were having a mud ball fight in the rain. Oh no....

    Dumbledore surveyed the Head Boy and Girl, who were dripping mud onto the floor.

    "I see."

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    Name: hansolohpfrk
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Mental Deliberation
    Word Count: 221
    Warnings: Book Six Spoilers

    Mental Deliberation
    ďIs there anything you would like to tell me?Ē Dumbledore asked.

    Personally, I didnít want to tell him a single thing. But you should, a voice in the back of my head sounded.

    No! I argued with it. Itís none of his business!

    He hadnít left me alone since that great oaf, Hagrid, got expelled, though I do admit, I did get him expelled. I knew I would. It was my word against his. But it wasnít this subject he was talking about; it was the fact that I asked Slughorn about Horcruxes. Somehow, I donít know how, he found out. He always found out.

    Tell him! That voice nagged.

    No! I argued. If I tell him, Iíll regret it!

    Youíll regret it if you donít tell him, it said to me.

    If I told him about anything I had learned, about anything I had discovered, my plans would be ruined! I had already carried out the first step! All I had worked for would be lost! I would never be immortal if Dumbledore found out what I was doing! In fact, I would probably be sent to Azkaban to rot away.

    I had come to a decision: I would never tell him my secret.

    I looked up into his eyes, with a straight face. I shook my head.

    ďI see.Ē

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    Author: Gemma Hawk
    Title: Yes
    House: Gryffindor!
    Word Count: 257
    Warnings: none

    “Is there anything you would like to tell me?”


    Only I can’t, because you are Dumbledore. You wouldn’t understand. I know you’re supposed to be brave and trustworthy, but this is something I can’t tell you about.



    I can’t tell you about Dumbledore’s Army. You have an army and you don’t even know about it. What a joke.

    Only it’s not a joke. It’s serious- there’s a reason that we are learning the spells we are learning.

    I can’t tell you that I have to lie to my friends so I can sneak away to meetings. But they- my fellow Ravenclaws- aren’t my friends. Not anymore. They don’t know that our friendship is gone, but I do. I can’t tell you that.



    I can’t tell you about my date with Terry. I can’t tell you that even though I got out of bed two hours earlier than I usually do to get ready for the date, it flopped. I can’t tell you about the awkward silence that haunted our table.



    I can’t tell you about my perfect sister and her perfect friends in her perfect life. You would tell me that I love her, and am probably just jealous. But I’m not.



    It’s all Cho’s fault. It was her idea, she said I should do it. But my mother works in the ministry- isn’t this going against her? But I can’t tell you!I would get Cho in trouble.



    I’ll just shake my head then.

    “I see.”
    You'll love it.

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    Author Name: Insecurity
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Insecurity (can you tell that Friday night has left me inspirationless?)
    Word count: 440
    Warnings: None

    "Is there anything you would like to tell me?"

    Blushing uncontrollably, I bite my lip. Apparently in this type of situation it's best to bite your lip, just in case a Wrackspurt forces your tongue to start babbling. I can feel one inside me, like a little butterfly, making me fuzzy. Iíve never been in the Headmasterís office before Ė it really is a fascinating place! Dad told me that he uses the brass instruments as defence systems, each one charmed to fend off toxic pixies. And of course there is the phoenix; the bird that can dissolve in water.

    ButÖ ButÖ Why am I here? Iím only in my first year and already Iíve pickled it up. I shouldnít have told Polly Sims about the Crumped-Horned Snorkaks; they can be scary creatures to those who donít understand them. Itís just that she was teasing my style of clothes and calling me names. Apparently wearing radishes as earrings is a very uncool thing to do. I tried being friendly with her, but after a while I just grew so frustrated. Dad always tells me to stay true to my beliefs, and really that was all that I was doing. She didnít see it that way, though. And now I feel like I donít belong in Ravenclaw. She says Iím more of a Hufflepuff and so I tried talking to a group of them, but they turned around and said I was odd.

    Itís not fair! I donít understand why this magical world isnít everything I have dreamt about. Mum used to tell me tales of when she was not much older than I am now; stories about the exploring she did and the fun she had discovering magic. But itís so much different now sheís gone, even though I am sure the world she made me believe in still exists. Polly Sims says that I need to grow up and stop living in a fantasy realm. But isnít Hogwarts a fairytale come to life? So why do people have to be so cruel? I canít see why there has to be bickering and teasing in a world made out of magic. If I knew a way to whiz it away, I would use it. And now the Headmaster wants to know why I am miserable in this enchanted castle. He must think I am selfish for not enjoying every minute spent here. Maybe I donít deserve to be here. I obviously donít fit in with what a witch is supposed to be.

    I feel tears clogging up in my eyes as I look up at the Headmaster. Hopefully, he will understand me.

    ďI see.Ē

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    Author Name: KenTuck
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Thoughts of a Murderer
    Word count: 318
    Warnings: Murder

    ďIs there anything you would like to tell me?Ē

    I gazed up into his startling blue eyes. His beard traveled to his belt and white strands flew out haphazardly forming a crisscrossing web. Wrinkles on his face which had just recently become apparent heightened his look of wisdom and superiority.

    He knew what I had done but he had no proof. I tried to arrange my face so that my eyes were wide and questioning. My eyebrows contracted just slightly enough so that I looked worried. My mouth remained tightly shut and my hands remained at my sides. I made sure not to move my body as that would be a sure sign of guilt.

    I thought about my last few months at Hogwarts. After several years of study, I had mastered the Chamber of Secrets. I had learned to control the powerful beast within. The basilisk had responded to my commands willingly and had become the closest thing to a friend that I have ever had.

    Students had been frozen yes, but I had not made much progress with my plans. Not until last night when I had descended into the chamber had my plans been put into motion.

    Her eyes had been folded up beneath her eyelids. Her arms were grotesquely pulled under her. She must have fallen on them without a momentís warning. A single trickle of blood had formed on her eyelid and a lonesome drop had fallen onto the floor.

    I walked over to her and wiped the blood off the floor. Her body lying there was a beautiful masterpiece. It was a message for all to see.

    I restrained a smile with difficulty. Dumbledore continued to search my eyes for a hint or a clue. I closed my mind, guarding it from his perusing.

    I shook my head slowly, no there was nothing that I would like to tell him.

    ďI see.Ē

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    Author Name: atkarid
    House: Hufflepuff!!!
    Title: Trust
    Word count: 198
    Warnings: None

    ďIs there anything you would like to tell me?Ē

    Of course thereís something I want to tell you. Thatís the reason I came. But can I trust you? I donít know if I can trust anyone anymore.

    I trusted my friend, Marietta, to keep a secret about the DA. But she couldnít.

    I trusted Cedric to stay safe and alive. But he didnít.

    I trusted my parents to help me get through the summer. But they couldnít, due to the ministry.

    Can I trust you?

    Can I trust you to keep all my troubles a secret? Can I trust you to actually understand me? Can I trust you to be kind and caring?

    Can I trust you to truly listen to me?

    No one listens or looks at me anymore. No one cares what I think or how I feel. I want to scream at the world, and tell everybody that Iím not okay.

    And, yet, thereís no one out there that will listen. Should I trust you to sincerely know what Iím saying? Should I trust you to help me? Should I trust you to be different and actually hear me?

    Maybe I should.

    ďI see.Ē

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    Author Name: Bryant
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Pantomime
    Word count: 457
    Warnings: None

    “Is there anything you would like to tell me?”

    Yes. As a matter of fact, there were plenty of things Minerva McGonagall would like to tell Dumbledore, but there was one slight problem…

    “… I can’t talk!” McGonagall thought to herself fiercely. “If I could open my mouth I would have plenty to tell you; but I can’t open my mouth!” Her arms started to fly ravenously, and her cheeks were starting to flush with anger. “First off, I would tell you that Fred and George Weasley are vicious little idiots! It’s their fault I can’t talk; they did this to me! They had no business giving me, their teacher, those horrible candies in the first place. I suppose I should’ve looked at the wrapper before eating it, but how was I suppose to suspect them of giving me something like that? I thought that they were just trying to be nice, which I now know to be impossible of them. Never in my life has a student done something quite like this to me… never! Well, there was that one time when Neville turned me into a rat, but that was completely inadvertent; he was suppose to be turning the cup into one, but his wand was accidentally pointed at me. Oh and now look what they’ve done to me. Just wait—just wait till I get my hands on them!”

    By now, McGonagall had worked herself into such a rage that her face was beet red, and her bun was slowly, but surely, starting to come out of its usual neatness. She went over and handed Dumbledore the wrapper the horrid candy had been in, and she stared at him intently, as if trying to say, “See!”

    “I hope,” thought McGonagall, “that you will figure out that this (pointing to her mouth) is the work of those notorious Weasley twins. And I hope that you punish them severely. I’m starting to agree with Filch, we need the old school punishments back. Hanging them by their wrists in the dungeons would not be so bad of an idea. Oh, I hope you have figured it out by now, Albus.” She gave him an inquisitive look, which went right along with the unarticulated question.

    Dumbledore’s calm face looked at the candy wrapper which read, Jaw Clincher’s: one piece is guaranteed to shut one person up for at least one hour.

    He laughed to himself, assuming that this must be the brilliant work of the Weasley twins, and was meaning to ask them where they had purchased it when McGonagall made a pitiful noise from deep in her throat.

    He looked up at Professor McGonagall and had to try very hard to repress a wide smile.

    “I see.”

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    Name: coppercurls
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: All Words are Dust
    Word count: 273
    Warnings: mention of alcohol abuse

    ďIs there anything youíd like to tell me?Ē

    You daft old fool.

    My father is in prison, in Azkaban because of the efforts of you and your beloved little Saint Potter.

    My mother has started to drink again. First only a glass or two of wine with dinner, to help her sleep at night of course, she wouldnít want to worry me. But now she is sneaking my fatherís firewhiskey when she thinks Iím not watching.

    Everyone, my peers, not my friends- I donít have any friends, loathe and despise me.

    And itís all your fault.

    Incidentally, Iíve been ordered to kill you. The Dark Lord commands it. I donít want to, but it is not like I have much choice. If I told you, youíd kill me; what other option would you have? And I donít want to die. But seeing you look at me like that, hope in your eyes, I donít want to disappoint.

    You trust no one my father always told me. And see how he was betrayed. Not even the Dark Lord hast lifted a finger to help him. Have you?

    Donít look at me like that, with the pity in your eyes! You promise trust but I see only failure and shame.

    I canít trust you. You can see that canít you? Because Iím the spawn of Satan, the bitter and unredeemable boy, while you sit there like God deciding my fate.

    Well, Iím not going to just sit. My fate is in my hands and mine alone. If only you could realize that your fate was in my hands too.

    Iím sorry.

    I canít.

    ďI see.Ē

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