Author Name: CM Winters
House: Slytherin
Title: Thoughts of Indecision
Word count: 497
Warnings: None

"Is there anything you would like to tell me?”

I can't believe he asked me such a question. Does he think I haven't thought about it? Of course I've thought about it! I thought about it a good long while before even deciding to come here. I best not roll my eyes in front of him, but really, would I like to tell him something? No. Should I? That's another matter entirely.

I can't believe what happened last night! I fought with them all about changing their decision. I KNOW what disaster this can wreak!

On the other hand . . . it certainly may make things very, very good. At least for me.

It's funny, that my insistence that they stick with the original plan only served to further cement their opinion that I'm the right choice after all.

Ouch! My finger hurts. I've been gnawing on it a lot for the last few hours and it's starting to become raw. Maybe, since I'm at the school, I should go to Severus for something. Pickled tentacles, or something along those lines? He is here, after all. On the other hand, we've all steadfastly avoided him, and he us, for the past two years. He'd get suspicious if I suddenly went to him for something. And he doesn't know about me. If I brought myself to his attention, he might figure out what's going on. I simply cannot have that.

Blast! Dumbledore's looking at me expectantly. Well, I'm NOT going to meet his eyes, I won't! I've heard what they say about him, that he's nearly as gifted a Legilimens as the Dark Lord. I'm not stupid, no matter what everyone else thinks!

I'd better make a decision, quickly. If I continue to dally, it will only make him more suspicious.

You know, in the long run, I think this really will be better for everyone. Well, except for the boy, but he is hardly my concern.

His parents - well, that's another matter entirely. But they'll get over the initial shock, people always do. No matter how convinced they are that they will not. And besides, they're young, they can have another child. This game they've been playing is dangerous as well as foolish, they can't honestly hope to come out on top! Better to get it out of the way now, then we can all go on with our lives.

I'd better just hand the parchment over. Sirius is such a fool. He honestly thinks that by writing the address in his hand, it will lead the pursuers to him, even if I'm the one that has to
give them the parchment, thereby revealing the Secret myself. He still thinks everyone will think he was the Keeper.

No, there isn't anything I want to tell Dumbledore.

They'll all see that I was right, eventually.

I need to just leave. I . . . have other places to be today.

"I see."