This drabble will be set in Professor Dumbledore's office. Present will be Professor Dumbledore and one other character of your choosing.

Professor Dumbledore looks at the other character and says, "Is there anything you would like to tell me?"

You must now explore the other character's thoughts as they deliberate whether to tell their secret or keep it hidden. You must not use dialogue in any form, this must be purely the thoughts of the person being questioned.

You must then finish the Drabble with Dumbledore saying the words, "I see."

The secret can be any degree of seriousness, and this can be set during any era. The drabble must be entirely contained within the two sentences that Dumbledore speaks. And those two lines are the only speech throughout.

And the rules...

Drabbles must be between 100 and 499 words.

All MNFF's normal standards apply, including grammar,
spelling and formatting. Points may be deducted for
badly presented drabbles.

You can earn 5 points for your house for entering no
matter how many drabbles you post. The winner will be
awarded an additional 20 house points, second place 15
and third 10.

Challenge closes Wednesday 14th June.

Use this form...

Author Name:
House: [you must enter this or you will not gain points]
Word count:

If you have any questions, please ask them in the "The
Question Corner" thread, NOT this one. This is for the
drabbles only.