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Thread: Have a Question About Being a Beta? Ask it Here!

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    I have a question about joining the Guild. Do you have to be apart of the PI directory, or just be PI accredited?


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    Rose Wilts: You can specify that in your beta thread, but I personally believe it's important for all betas to have a good grasp of grammar and mechancis. Mechanics, plot development and good characterization go hand-in-hand when it comes to writing and editing a successful story.

    thechocolatefrog: You need not be a part of the PI Directory to apply for the Beta Guild. You must, however, be PI Accredited. You should include your Accreditation serial number in your request to join the user group for the Beta Guild.

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    How does the beta actually get the work they're going to beta? Do the author's send it to them via email or PM them? Or do they do it some other way? I'm sorry if this is a dumb question or has been answered before.

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    Betas and authors usually work out the most convenient method for exchanging drafts of stories between themselves. Typically, it's done either by PM or by email, depending on what each individual is most comfortable with.

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    Katie Riddington

    Microsoft word?

    Do you need to have Microsoft word to correct papers? I have it on my computer, but mine isn't hooked up right now. My husband only seems to have word pad or Open Office. Any idea if they work???

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    That's something you will have to work out with your beta or any authors you work with. Many people work over the PM system using color changes here.

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    Hi, are there any plans to bring back the beta mentoring program or anything similar? I would really like to beta but I'm not sure if I am good enough.

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    At the present time, we have no plans to bring back the beta mentoring program.

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    *sighs* A few of the authors I've been beta-ing for have disappeared completely. Meaning, I have e-mailed and PMed them a few times each and they haven't been active. I'd say it's been a few months. I feel that I've been patient enough. When is it okay to sort of 'let go' of the job? And should I feel entitled to still beta for them if, perhaps, they do return?

    Help much appreciated, thanks!


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    BertieBotsBeans741: It happens to everyone. There is no real right or wrong time to give up a beta job. That's entirely your call. If you feel like it's time, then it probably is. You are, of course, always free to decline a job from an author if they return. My best advice to you is to be honest and polite and let the person know what's happened.

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