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Thread: Nymphadora Tonks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starmaiden
    If Fleur had gone to Hogwarts, I think she would have been a Slytherin. "Those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends." She's ambitious, and she knows how to get what she wants. Tonks, on the other hand, is generally thought to be a Gryffindor or a Ravenclaw. (I plump for Gryffindor, cliched as that is, because I think Tonks values courage over learning.) She values different things than Fleur.

    However: I think she'll have more respect for Fleur now that she's seen her loyalty (to Bill). Which won't make her like her, but she might dislike her less.
    I went to look on hp-lexicon and saw that (as odd as it may seem) Tonks just happened to be in Hufflepuff. I would have gone for Gryffindor or Ravenclaw to, but I guess it was neither.

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    Hi! Just seen this thread and though I'd join in.

    Yes, I would have said Gryffindor - like myself but I don't suppose we've seen enough of Tonks around her friends to see er Hufflepuff qualities. That's the interesting thing about Tonks - we've only really seen her around the trio and the Weasleys, so she's a little tricky to write in other company.

    Knowing she's a Hufflepuff would have to influence your writing, i guess. You'd need to drop in the loyalty traits etc.

    Yes, I'd say REmus would occasionally call her "Nymphadora" or "Nymph". But I'd say she'd sitck to Tonks if she married him, probably taking on a double-barrell name of Nymphadora Lupin-Tonks, and using Tonks as her name. She's been going by the name Tonks too long to change it now.

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    About the name...I was just thinking she'd change her name to Tonks Lupin, be known as Tonks, and either drop the Nymphadora altogether or keep it as her middle name. I can see Remus getting away with calling her Nymphadora most of the time, but definitely not anyone else. And if she has a chance to change her last name, it just seems logical to me she'd decide to change the whole thing once and for all.

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    Tonks just happened to be in Hufflepuff.

    Great. Absolutely marvelous. Yet another thing that I'm going to have to edit out, and given the rarity of Tonks' condition, I can't simply replace her. Why do I get the feeling that this is one of those things J.K. Rowling answered without ever thinking through? I had her down as a Gryffindor myself, though I could accept Ravenclaw, but how many Hufflepuffs go on to be Aurors? I mean hardly any of them seemed to have made their way onto the tougher NEWT subjects in Harry's year, Auror training is very difficult, and you have to be fairly brave to go out fighting Dark Wizards. Loyalty, fairness and patience come a poor second to Bravery, Wits and Ability when it comes to being an Auror.

    I've a good mind just to ignore her.

    As for what she does with her name, I think the dislike of Nymphadora was rather connected to her age, to tell you the truth. If Lupin calls her it, and they get married, I think she would probably accept it quite readily. I would imagine her to be too proud of being Mrs Lupin to maintain the name "Tonks". Besides which, Tonks is unquestionably a high school name, and people rarely keep their high-school nicknames long into adulthood. I certainly don't see Tonks calling herself that when she is not only older, but married and possibly thinking about having children. Tonks is like she is because she is young.

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    Why do I get the feeling that this is one of those things J.K. Rowling answered without ever thinking through?
    Personally, I never thought anything like this. I think Jo knows her characters better than we do: she invented them, knows information that never made it into the books, and came up with the houses thing to begin with. I was surprised, too, but there must be sides of Tonks we haven't really seen, that peg her as more of a Hufflepuff. So I accept it.

    As for Hufflepuffs not getting to be Aurors--I really don't think they're stupid, just because there was one Hufflepuff in Potions. Maybe the others just didn't like Potions, or didn't need it for their planned careers. Remember, there were also more Slytherins and Ravenclaws than Gryffindors. And 'Puffs are supposed to be hard-working, which means they could get any job they wanted, really. People are not so easily seperated into Houses, which means the hat needs to take a little liberty--we can't assume what all Hufflepuffs are like based on a select few. Look at Peter Pettigrew and Cormac McLaggen versus the trio. Look at Cedric Diggory versus Zacharias Smith. Look at Slughorn versus Malfoy. There are all sorts of people in different houses, and I think Tonks will do just as well in Hufflepuff as anywhere else.

    *hopes that didn't sound to rant-y*

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    Tonks's Age

    I was just wondering if anyone had an idea of how old tonks was in OOTP. I need to know how far apart Harry and Tonks are in age for a story I'm writing. I alway thought she was around 23 but I've heard a few other guesses as well. If you know I would love to hear from you. Thanks.

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    It says on Lexicon that she was born in 1973, though no specific date is given.

    So during OOTP (1995), should would be just turning 22.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlytherinTears
    It says on Lexicon that she was born in 1973, though no specific date is given.

    So during OOTP (1995), should would be just turning 22.

    So if shes 22 in OOTP, Wouldn't there be a chance that she would have been at Hogwarts in her 7th year while Harry was in his first year? Because if she was like Hernione and had a birthday early in the school year (Hermiones birthday is Sept.19) then Tonks would have turned 18 in her final year at Hogwarts. Which means she would have been in her final year while Harry was in his first, right? If thats the case we could assume that she wasn't in Gryffindor because Harry would have known her before OOTP, right?

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    No, actually, if you look at the Lexicon, they go into this in rather explicit detail. Tonks failed one of her year long modules as an Auror and had to re-do it, so instead of 3 years, it would have been 4 years for her.

    She "graduated" about two months before Harry started at Hogwarts.

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    I just disscovered lexicon today and I won't be asking stupid questions anymore now thanks guys.

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