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Thread: FRENCH Culture Help

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    Tinn Tam
    Wow, nice link. And a much better solution.

    *off to look for the same kind of thing for Great Britain*

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    Thankyou very much for your help! It is much appreciated.

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    I'm currently writing a T/V fic, and I was wondering what are some things that Victoire could say in french when she gets frustrated. Like, how in English we would say fiddlesticks or something less pathetic (and more a little more vulgar) of that sort.

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    Some very mild (and perhaps slightly lame ) options are "zut" (a bit old fashioned) or "mince", which both mean dang/shoot. I suppose it would be helpful if you could give us the context, because these are words that are used more in an “oops! I've dropped something” content than actual frustration...(I'm not actually French, though, I've just been submerged in an all-French environment for three years, so someone might want to correct me on this. I just thought I'd reply since no-one else had yet.)

    I am supposing, however, that you want actual swear words. I'll PM them to you, since I don't know how deeply we can explore swearwords on here.


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    Hi, I wondered if anyone knew any popular french desserts? They can be in their french names or translated, I don't mind.



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    The most known and probably most common one is Mousse au Chocolat. But you could easily go with ice cream (glace), crêpes or different types of tortes/cakes (tartes, gateaux or gateaux à la crème in French):

    Tarte aux pommes - cake with apples
    Tarte aux cerises - cake with cherries
    Tarte aux framboises - cake with raspberries

    These three are the most common ones.

    A speciality is the Quiche. I've found a description of it on wikipedia which might be helpful.

    And I've found these desserts:

    Ananas frais au kirsch ou au marasquin
    Fresh pineapple with kirsch or maraschino

    Pastry of yeast, with syrup of rum

    Bananes flambees
    Bananas baked in butter, sugared and flambéed in rum

    Iced creme of milk, sugar, egg yolk, gelatin, whipped cream and different ingredients for taste like vanilla, coffee, chocolate, fruit purée, caramel or liqueur

    Beignets de Mam-Goz
    You make a dough out of pommes, milk, butter, flour, sugar, lemon or orange paring. Out of this you cut round or rhombic biscuits which are fried in hot shortening and served warm, with sugar on top.

    Beignds de pommes
    Apple discs, turned in dough, fried in shortening, served warm with sugar on top

    Cake of yeast

    Bilche du reveillon - Bilche de Noel
    Christmas torte, biscuit cake with chocolate or mocha cream

    Charlotte russe
    Spoon-sized biscuits tinctured in liqueur, with ice cream

    Fruit cake; plum, apples or cherries

    Several types of stewed fruits

    Corbeille de fruits
    Basket with fresh fruits

    Cornets de Murat - Cornets à la creme
    Puff pastry bags, filled with cream

    Coupe glacée
    Sundae with fruit and cream

    Crème caramel
    Caramel cream

    Crème champenoise
    Cream of white wine, eggs, sugar and lemon oil

    Crème Sabayon
    Cream of white wine, egg yolk and sugar

    Crème vanille
    Vanilla pudding

    Crèpes Mireille - Crepes au caramel
    Thin pancakes with caramel syrup


    Feuilletes aux fruits frais
    Tartlet of puff pastry, filled with fresh fruits

    Flamri à la purée de cassis
    Semolina pudding with a purée of black currant on top

    Flan de poires tourangeau
    Puff pastry with pears cooked in sugar and a cream of milk, flour, sugar and egg yolk

    Fraises cardinal
    Strawberries coated with raspberry jelly, served iced

    Fraises de Carpentras an sucre avec creme fraiche ou Chantilly
    Fresh strawberries with sugar and cream

    Fraises ou framboises au champagne
    Strawberries or raspberries, coated with sugar and iced champagner

    Fraises et framboises Chantilly
    Fresh woodland strawberries and raspberries, marinaded with brandy and pepper, served with sugared cream

    Fruits Melba
    Fruits (peach, apricot or strawberry) cooked in sugar syrup, served on vanilla ice cream, coated with raspberry purée

    Fruits rafraichis
    Salad of fresh fruits, with sugar and kirsch, rum, applejack or maraschino, served iced

    Galette charollaise
    Round, flat cake of flour, sugar, almonds, a bit water and different candied fruits, served with black currant jelly

    Genoise aux chérises
    Torte of butter cream, garnished with candied cherries

    Givrées (orange, citron, mandarine)
    Orange, lemon or tangerine ice cream served in the paring

    Glace panachée
    Mixed ice cream

    Ice cream of sugar, water and fruit juice

    Marquise glacée
    Iced fruit yeast cream

    Melon de Scheherazade
    Melon with fruit salad of melon pelp, peach, banana, pineapple, raspberry, woodland berries and filled with sugar, doused with a mixture of sparkling wine, peppermint liqueur, kirsch and maraschino

    Meringue Chantilly
    Pastry of egg yolk yeast with cream

    Meringue glacée
    Pastry of egg yolk yeast, filled with ice cream

    Black cherries cooked to rags

    Torte with cherries or grapes

    Eufs a la neige
    Little potions of beaten white of egg (with sugar) are cooked in vanilla milk and served on iced vanilla cream

    Omelette Alaska - Omelette norvegienne
    Ice cream scalloped with egg white yeast

    Sorbet of sugar syrup, egg yolk, cream and taste ingredients like almond milk, chocolate, peach, strawberry, tangerine etc.

    Pastis landais
    Cake filled with cooked prunes

    Petits fours
    Different small tartlets

    Pie à la rhubarbe
    Rhubarb cake

    Puff pastry filled with almonds, icing sugar, egg, butter and rum

    Poile belle Helene
    1) Peach steamed in sugar syrup on vanilla ice cream, coated with warm chocolate cream
    2) Peach steamed in sugar syrup on a biscuit which is tinctured in kirsch and coated with vanilla ice cream, coated with apricot jam and strewn with almond slivers

    Poile Bourdaloue
    Peach cooked in water with sugar, on vanilla ice cream, strewn with roasted almond slivers

    Poiles à la bourguignonne - Poiles au via rouge
    Peaches cooked in red wine with sugar

    Pommes bonne femme
    Baked apples with butter-vanilla-sugar stuffing and currant jelly

    Pruneaux d'Agen à l'armagnac
    Dried plums, preserved in Armagnac (= a brandy from south-west France)

    Salade d'oranges
    Salad of orange pieces, raisins, sugar and rum

    Honey biscuits baked in shortening

    Circular Cake, tinctured in fruit syrup and rum or kirsch, garnished with (vanilla) cream

    Ice cream of sugar, water, egg yolk or some cream, fruit juice, liqueur, sparkling wine, wine or kirsch, sometimes flavoured with lemon or orange paring or cloves

    Soufflé praliné
    Casserole of milk, sugar, vanilla, flour, eggs, butter and almonds

    Soufflé Rothschild
    Casserole of candied fruits, Danziger Goldwasser (sorry, I don’t have a translation for that one), flavoured with vanilla and garnished with fresh strawberries

    Soufflé tous parfums
    Casserole in different tastes

    Tarte alsacienne
    Torte with fruit on vanilla cream

    Tarte des sreurs Tatin - Tarte des démoiselles - Tatin Tarte à l'envers
    Torte of short crust with in butter and sugar caramelised pommes halves

    Tourte charollaise
    Peach torte with cream

    Tourte Gascogne
    Puff pastry cake filled with pommes discs, flavoured with Armagnac (= brandy from south-west France)

    Tourteau prune
    Cake garnished with prunes, flavoured with orange blossom water

    Round pastry of beaten white of egg, filled with ice cream or cream

    I hope I could help a bit, although anyone French might give you more common examples.

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    More French Desserts

    Hopefully 4 years of French should help you on this....

    Also, I looked some up for special occassions.. just in case....

    a wedding cake is - un crouque en bouche.... basically it is a pyramid of cream puffs

    for everyday there is the always popular - chocolate eclair
    Napolean - which is a meuille feuille meaning a layered pastry
    creme brulee

    that's all I have, but if you need help on any other French culture I'm sure I can find it, I mean it has to be somewhere hiding in the back of my mind



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    I am curious, do French boarding schools have a house sytem the way English boarding school do? I though the house system was a European tradition, but I've been reading, and many are saying that it is only British schools that have them.

    I'm not sure. Does anyone know?

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    Rhi for HP
    I know the title of the thread is "Culture" help, but I'm posting this in hopes someone out there has some basic French language knowledge...

    How do you say "I don't know" in French (well, I can say it, but I can't spell it! )
    And then "We'll see" or "Hmm" or even "My schedule's full"...?



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    Lanugage is a part of culture, is it not?

    "I don't know" would be "Je ne sais pas." At least, formally.

    Do "Hmm" need a transition?
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