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    FRENCH Culture Help

    With many post HBP stories dealing with the Bill/Fleur wedding, I'm sure that French culture will come into play, and we're sure to have questions about it. Pose those questions here.

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    Just what I was looking for!

    Can anyone explain the main and traditional elements of a French wedding? I mean items such as vows, wedding party, wedding gowns, the ceremony, family traditions, and any other type of thing that one might find if they would go to a French wedding.

    Thank you so much!

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    I would say that most French people have Catholic weddings; however, there really isn't much religion in HP, so I don't know how I would style it.

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    The thing is, Fleur is not just French - she's a French Witch. This means that you have to take into account things like what a wizard's wedding is likely to be like, as well as French marriage traditions.

    Most wtiches and wizards seem to be without a religion. I think this was done for a reason, by JKR, so as not to offend the religious people who would be upset if she tried to make magical people godly people as well...most Christian religions would not consider anyone who claimed to have a magical ability anything but a tool of the 'devil'.

    You'd need to take that into account, then, in writing the wedding. Fleur and her family are not likely to be Catholic, as the Catholic church in particular would, pardon the pun, crucify them. I know I'm treading on dangerous religious ground here, but I am not trying to offend anyone.

    If you feel that there must be some sort of religious ceremony, perhaps consider a Wiccan Handfasting. Wiccans consider themselves witches - this is why the Christian church frowns upon them. It makes sense to me that if you are going to have a religion for witches and wizards, either create one from scratch (which seems to happen in real life anyway sometimes) or use something that already exists and does not conflict with that religion's beliefs.

    Obviously, this is just a suggestion, and you are free to do the wedding however you like.

    Good Luck.

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    I've actually already looked up a lot into wizzard marriages, and did decide to do a version of handfasting. I had thought of that as well, about the good possibilty that Fluer and her family are not Catholic, but as they still are in France, they might have a few of the same traditions that Muggle French people do, minus the religious part of the ceremony.

    I like the idea of the cake. I'll ask my French teacher tomorrow if any little trinkets go in them; I know they put plastic babies in cakes for Mardi Gras, but they might put other little good luck charms in them.

    Is there anything else I should know before finalizing anything?

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    Although France is a mostly Catholic country, most of the French I know are not practicing Catholics, meaning they don't celebrate Mass every Sunday, observe holy days, etc. (This could just be the people I know however...)

    I'd imagine Fleur's wedding would have elements of Catholicsm, wizarding stuff, possibly bi-lingual... and plenty of wine, champagne, cheese chocolate... just French food in general. Mmm..

    Hope this helps...

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    There is no easy answer to that question. French Unions are strong (stronger than those in the UK, which in turn, from what I understand are stronger than those in the USA.
    The French are more likely to take to the streets in protest and there were national strikes and protests late last year when the French (again, like us) were facing major pension reforms, so it is not always higher pay. At the time transport workers, Air Traffic Contollers and Civil Servants were on strike, and protesters were blockading refineries (leading to fuel shortages to).

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    Hi =)

    I was just wondering if Beauxbatons is likely to have a head boy and girl and prefects or is that a very British thing? If not, would they have some other form of student leadership or are they all equal?


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