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Thread: Ask a Moderator - The Eleventh

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    So what exactly is the difference between an AU story and an AU warning? When should the story be submitted to the AU catigory, and when does it only warent a warning?

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    Amber0_o - A story needs to be submitted in AU when there's a major difference in plot. For example, if someone other than Dumbledore died in HBP, it needs to be in the AU category. If you're rewriting the seventh book, it's an AU-category story. AU warnings are for small changes that aren't central to the story, like making James Potter a Beater instead of a Chaser in a Quidditch game.

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    To clarify (because I just know you all), versions of book seven already in progress do not need to be moved to the AU category.

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    Alright, I searched for this and couldn't find anything, so please forgive me if this has already been asked and answered.

    In the Reference Desk are we allowed to make references to DH/Jo's post-DH interview while answering a question if we make it plain that there are spoilers? We did discover quite alot in those two things, so it seems like we should be able to, but if we're not, please forgive me.



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    MrsRubeusHagridDursley - I don't know Sarah's policy on spoilers in the Reference Desk. However, for Character Clinic, spoilers are not allowed in any post unless the thread that it is posted in has a DH spoiler in its thread title. Spoilers will soon be allowed throughout the forum, but as of now, we're going to take precautions and make sure we don't spoil anyone

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    I haven't found this question anywhere else, so I hope it's not already been asked. *looks around* *sees nothing* I just got a PM from songbook99 saying that I have been Sorted into Gryffindor. However, the Great Hall and Common Room are nowhere to be found. And on my posts, it doesn't list me as being a Gryffindor. Why is this?

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    harrypotterfangirl21 - When Karin (songbook99) notifies you that you're in a House, she also has to notify the Head of House who must manually add you to your House. It will take some time. Please be patient

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    I have a question about swearing in fics. Do one or two swear words in one chapter warrant a warning? And, would one or two swear words be okay in a 1st-2nd years fic? Or would you need a 3rd-5th years rating?



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    MrsRubeusHagridDursley - One or two swear words is fine for first-second years.

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    To ask the obvious, that the spoiler ban is lifted, do we need to use the spoiler warning when submitting a story that has DH spoilers?

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