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Thread: Ask a Moderator - The Eleventh

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    I know this is going to sound pretty random, and I figured this would be the place to ask, so here goes:

    Are we going to be doing another Quick Silver Quill awards? I was a judge last time, and I really enjoyed it. It feels like it's around the time that we did it last year, or maybe my memory's gone all wonky.

    Maybe we could do a "seventh book" fanfiction themed awards

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    StaceyLC - LOL. How coincidental! We're currently working on bringing you another QSQ. Announcements will be made, but right there, there's still a bit of work to be done.

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    Spoiler question: In my Banner Display thread, may I post a link (in text) to a DH banner with a spoiler warning? The banner itself will not be visible at all.

    And another question: Is there a limit on the number and/or the file size of pictures in siggies? Because one of the images likes to disapear and reappear at random intervals. I thought perhaps it might be because of some sort of limit...
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    I have a question. Where is a good place to start if you have NO IDEA what's going on?! I started about 3 days ago, and I'm really confused. This is different than any other HP board I've been on.


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    MissBean - I'm thinking it should be okay to post the link to the banner with large "DH spoiler here" messages. A moderator, however, may overturn this decision if she feels that it's wrong. I would suggest, if it's not an emergency, that you wait until August 8 all the same. It's not that far away anyway

    As for your banner sizes. Your entire signature cannot be more than 300 pixels tall AND 500 pixels wide.

    Romulus - Welcome to the forums! A good place to start would be the Check-in desk where all the newbies can find help from "oldies." The first thread you should check out would be this one. Have fun!

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    Hey, just a quick question (I know I should probably know this by now considering how long I've been here...) but how do you put a link to your author's page in your signature? Can you directly link to your main story as long as it doesn't contain DH spoilers? Thanks!

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    Werewolf_sympathiser - That question has been answered several times before.

    [ur l=linktostory]Text[/ur l]
    Take out the space between 'r' and 'l.'

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    There's a character thread I want to read about James Potter, because I need some information on him. I think it was deleted while the forums were closed for DH. I have some memory of once visiting the Graveyard, but I can't find it. Will I be able to see it or should I start a new James thread? If I do start a new one, where would it go?

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    Angela_prongs - These questions shouldn't go here. Any specific questions regarding specific forums should be directed to the moderator of the forum. To answer your question, you will need to start a new thread in the "Major Characters" sub-forum.

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    I'm a bit confused as to when we will be able to display DH related graphics on the forums. Ana (imortal_evil) original said Aug. 8th but then said the modlies were still deciding but then Beth said in an earlier post in here;

    I would suggest, if it's not an emergency, that you wait until August 8 all the same.
    So are we allowed to display them on August 8th?


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