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Thread: Ask a Moderator - The Eleventh

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    I'm sort of bothered

    I had submitted the prologue for a fanfiction in which Teddy is in love with a girl named Jazelle and he and Victoire had only had a very short relationship. The moderateor denied it asking,
    "Who is Jazzelle and what happened to Victoie?"

    This made me feel like the mod didn't even read my fic, because not only was Jazzelle introduced in great detail, but the short relationship between Teddy and Victoire was also explained. What can I do if I have a mod who doesn't even read my fic?

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    bewitching - You should contact that particular moderator with your concern. Where most or all mods read the fics in the queue closely, if your story is chaptered it isn't uncommon for us to only read the chapter that's in the queue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lily_evans34
    bewitching - You should contact that particular moderator with your concern. Where most or all mods read the fics in the queue closely, if your story is chaptered it isn't uncommon for us to only read the chapter that's in the queue.

    I'm confused. Only read the chapter in the queue? What do you mean? Wouldn't the chapter I submitted be in the queue? And they wouldn't confuse it with another chapter, considering its the prologue... but, I was just confused by what you meant. Haha. Sorry.

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    bewitching: Just contact the moderator who rejected your story. Ask her to take a closer look at your story.

    And there are times when a chaptered story is moderated by different mods. It might be hard for a mod to understand an already developed story. There are also times when plot and other details are revealed as the story progresses, and the moderator does not know what is happening. That will also call for a rejection that will most likely be accompanied by a request to give the moderator a look into what you have planned.

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    Okay, for my next stupid question...

    On the manage stories section of the account Info, there is an option to check "complete yes/no". My fic is chaptered. The current chapter is complete, but the fic itself isn't (obviously). Is that a yes or a no? Does it even matter?

    Thank you for your patience.

    EDIT: Thank you again.

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    AurorKeefy: Leave that box empty. You'll check completed when the story itself is finished, not each individual chapter.

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    OK, I went searching through everywhere I could think of, and I didn't see an answer to this. (And I'll do my best to try and explain what I'm asking.)

    Are things like a short story collection allowed here on MNFF? I have a series of "drabbles" (all of which *are* over 800 words, many at least 1000, so it does hit the minimum word count), that focus on Sirius. Here's the summary of it:
    Sirius Black: A son, a brother; a friend, a Marauder; a prisoner, a fugitive, a godfather. Many roles were played by Sirius, most veiled with tragedy or loss ... But even in dark night skies, there are stars that shine bright. A short story collection dedicated to Padfoot.
    A couple of them are childhood moments, in others he's a teenager; there are ones taking place around his arrest and PoA-time, as well as OotP time. The connection between them all being events or moments in Sirius's life, of course.

    Now, I've posted it thus far on FFN and HPFF as a single story called Shades of Black, with each "drabble" / Part being a different chapter. (Part I is "Didn't Do It", and he's seven years old; Part II is "Nightmares", and he's four; Part III is "Success?" and he's around 15, etc.)

    Can I do the same thing over here -- a single story with each Part as a chapter -- or do I need to submit them all as individual one-shots (It is possible, as each part does make the word count), and then just have an A/N that says something like "Part I in the 'Shades of Black' collection" or something?


    EDIT: Thanks, Beth!

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    megan_lupin - You can make it all one story If there still was a series function, you might have used that to link all your one-shots. But yes, just make it all one story.

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    Okay, I have two questions.

    One: Is there a way to see how many reads a fic has? If you can't see it on others' fics, can you see it on your own?

    Two: Would having your memory erased be a mental disorder?

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    myntchocochip, our current system does not show the number of reads a chapter/story has. You will not be able to see it for anyone's stories, including your own.

    As for memory being erased, I don't think they consider that a mental disorder. I've never heard of amnesia referred to that way, and that's basically what having your memory erased is. Of course, if it goes as far as Lockhart's memory erasure at the end of Chamber of Secrets that's a different story. If the erasure makes the person a danger to themself or others, then it would be a mental disorder.

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