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Thread: Ask a Moderator - The Eleventh

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    Haylee: If you are still having problems posting, contact Vindictus Viridian. I think VV has to add you to the student user group after you click to be added to it, that may be why your post isn't showing up, because she hasn't added you yet.

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    I have a (Probably stupid) question concerning the school usergroup. I had taken a class during Summer term, and had signed up in that group, posted there, and all was well. But now, I signed up for a couple of classes while still in the Summer term usergroup, and left that usergroup, thinking I would have to join a Fall term usergroup. But when I left the usergroup, the list of memberships I could sign up for showed all the usual ones, along with the Summer term one. So, was I not supposed to leave the Summer term user group? Should I sign back up for the Summer term one or is there a Fall term user group I have to wait for?

    Thank you for your help!

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    Question Huh?

    Okay, so:

    Uh, are more classes going to be added to the Fall Term lineup?

    I want to know so I will sign up for the ones I sorta want to take if no, or wait for the others if yes.

    -realises that made no sense-


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    radishearrings3: The summer user group is the only student user group. Please reclick the summer students user group.

    Stubbornly_appeared: I do not know if there are more classes going to be posted, I will ask VV and get back to you.

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    Do the things that Jo unveiled in interviews after DH be counted? Like, since the book never said that Luna married, but Jo did. So, if we wrote a story for after DH, would we have to take what Jo said into account?

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    Marauder by Midnight
    nikkiolapotter - We've always taken Jo's interviews as canon. As of now, we haven't come up with a policy for her last interview, but I'd incorporate it ust to be consistent with what is considered canon.

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    Ryan The Wizard
    Hello there.

    I have a few queries about the moderated forums, if you don't mind. First, if I am un-Sorted, like I believe I currently am, are ALL forums going to be moderated for me? And if that's the case, when I am Sorted, will all the forums cease to be moderated? Or is there some happy medium?

    Is there a list of all the moderated forums somewhere on the site?

    Also, I took my Sorting Quiz and found out I was in Hufflepuff. That was now two days ago. I was just wondering if it normally takes this long to get Sorted?

    Thanks for answering!


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    Marauder by Midnight
    Ryan the Wizard - Yes, all your posts are moderated. This is our way of controlling spambots. Once you are placed in a House, your posts will automatically show up.

    Please give your Head of House, Elysa, more time to add you to Hufflepuff.

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    Okay, I have a question regarding adding a story to the website.

    I've just started (finally) uploading the prologue to my story, but I'm having a little bit of trouble with the formatting. I place it all in a text file, and used the html codes for italics, but on the preview page the paragraph indents
    (<----ie, those things) disappeared, which left it looking rather messy, and not too fun on the eyes. Is that something that just shows up on the preview page, or would it actually be like that? Do I have to put indents in with HMTL code, and if so, what are the tags? I searched on google but got a thousand websites explaining tables, sets, and all many of things far too complicated to offer anything of any use.


    EDIT: Bizarre. My above indent, which returns now I edit, doesn't actually show up here. Last of the useful examples huh?

    EDIT 2: Indeed it does help. Thanks Gmariam.

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    Auror Keefy - To the best of my knowledge, you do not need to include paragraph indents in your story. I don't believe the software accepts them anyway, and that is why we require the blank line in between each paragraph. I have seen a story or two with the indents, and frankly I found that harder on the eyes than the blank line. I do not know how those indents scraped through; I remember searching for the html codes myself a long time ago before I gave up. It is possible to center text, but I wouldn't worry about indenting it. Hope that helps!

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