We haven't had a drabble challenge in a while, so I thought I'd throw one at you this month. Your challenge, kids, is to write a drabble featuring a pairing that you INITIALLY scoffed at when you first heard of it but soon grew to love (or at least care about). It can be a canon pairing or non-canon.

Drabbles must be between 300-800 words and should not exceed the lighter end of 6th/7th year rating. No heavy warnings (you know which ones I mean; if you don't, ask.) And as for prompts, just throw in the word 'flipping' in there, and we're in business. Also, please use the following form:
PHP Code:
[b]Title: [/b]
b]Pairing: [/b]
b]Author's Note: [/b] 

As usual, this is due to be completed by 15th June to receive credit for your monthly activity.