Welcome to the Adoption Center and I Challenge Thee Thread

This center had been planned for a while now and is finally open to the public. Any questions about how to use the center should be posted here; they'll be answered as soon as possible.

How to Use This Forum

1. Each plot bunny will have their own thread. The category of each plot bunny, as well as an adjective, should be in the title for people to see them easily.

Good Titles:
  • Complex R/Hr Plot in need of another author.
  • Funny Trelawney experience up for grabs
  • Dark Dramione plot bunny

Bad Titles:
  • I don't know what to do with this bunny
  • Canon romance here
  • Silly Hagrid

Your plot bunny up for adoption should have the following tag on it:
Characters involved:
Mood of plot bunny:
Plot line:
Other details:

2. Limit how many threads you start please. We don't want the adoption center to be overrun by bunnies and not have anyone want them! A good rule-of-thumb would be to start as many threads as you answer.

3. Only one person may adopt the plot bunny; we don't want too many stories with the same plot, do we?

4. You may answer a thread with "I'm interested in writing this bunny." However, you are expected to edit that post later with the link to your story.

5. If you decide you cannot follow through with the story, please post a reply saying you no longer wish to keep it.

6. Just as real adoption agencies do this, I will be dropping by two to three weeks after you have claimed a plot bunny and will request that you send me a sample and/or outline of your story within a day or two. If this is not met, I will put the bunny back up for adoption.

7. A story, or at least a chapter, must at least be in the queue no more than three months after adopting. If you have difficulties meeting this requirement, PM the author of the thread and me.

8. If you have questions regarding a specific plot bunny, you may ask on the thread OR PM the author of the thread.

Additional rules: 22/1/09

9. Please do not reply to a thread offering to adopt a bunny unless you think there is a very strong chance you will see it through. If you decide you cannot follow through with a bunny then please remember to post a reply in the original thread saying it is available once again.

10. No person can have more than two bunnies claimed at any one time. Once you have written and posted a link to the completed fic or at the least the first chapter, you may claim more bunnies.

Cleaning this Forum

1. Because we need to make room for new plot bunnies, plot bunnies over one month old with no answers and plot bunnies over three months old with no story will be deleted.

2. Completed plot bunnies will be celebrated and will find a home in the Hall of Records (or another sub-forum)

3. If you need a thread locked/deleted, PM me with the name of the thread.


I don't think I need to say this, but be courteous at all times. Don't take too many bunnies if you can't take care of them. If this happens too often, I will tack on a little "punishment" for not taking good care of bunnies.

There may be house points involved, but we'll wait to see how well this goes.