Character Study
Kingsley Shacklebolt

A dedicated Auror. A hard worker. A doting husband?

Your task is to find a story, or a chapter, featuring Kingsley Shacklebolt and discover the roles and adjectives associated with this character. The questions you should ask yourself as you explore this character should be:
  • What are his important characteristics?
  • How does he react in different situations and what does it mean?
  • What words would be used to paint his picture?
  • How did the author help you draw your conclusions (ie, did the author’s tone words/dialogue/descriptions play an important part in characterizing him)?

When giving your report, please include relevant quotes from the story you read to support your conclusion.

Do NOT use chapters from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. There are several stories on the Mugglenet Fan Fiction databases that feature this interesting character.

You may use outside sources, such as The Lexicon, for a guide if it helps you. (Here’s the link to his rather short description)

Do not waste time giving us a physical description of Kingsley Shacklebolt unless there is some significant detail that helps in your conclusion.

A possible 20 points for a study of the character. One study per person please. Marauder by Midnight and myownmuggle will be the judges. We will look for:
  • clarity
  • creativity
  • accuracy
  • attention to detail

If a story already has a study done on it, to do a study on the same story, you must add more to your study. Because you have the ability to see which story already has a study done on it AND what that member has said about Kingsley Shacklebolt, find additional information and do not repeat what has been said.

An example:

Quote Originally Posted by #1
In Sheepskin Willy’s story, readers see Kingsley as an avid golfer with a mean streak, due to the fact that he uses magic on the golf course.
Quote Originally Posted by #2
As #1 pointed out, Kingsley is a golfer. However, the fact that Kingsley uses magic on the green shows that he, if he were a Muggle, doesn’t have much golfing ability at all and in actuality, just likes the attention he gets after winning a superb match.
(#2’s report is what we like to see: more in-depth and more analytical)

Use the following format please:
Story/Chapter Title and Author

You have until 11 PM EST on July 20th, 2007 to turn in your study. If you have a question, please PM me or Julie your questions. Good luck!