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    Ruby Ramos

    Note: Ruby swears, but I've bleeped them all out for the boards. She's also not normally quite this talkative, although that may be because Stefani, who is even more talkative, is usually there.

    Hi. I’m Ruby Ramos. I’m a freshman at LV. I don’t know exactly what I’m supposed to say here. Or why I have to type it instead of writing. I guess it helps with spelling cause I don’t spell that well, and the computer underlines it in red when I spell **** wrong.

    Anyway…um, I’m fifteen and I’m a freshman. Wait. I already said that. Okay, I probably sound mad stupid right now, but I swear I’m not stupid, even though I suck at math. I am definitely crazy, though. Stefani calls me Se˝orita Loca sometimes, but that’s just Stefani, she’s like that.

    Oh yeah, you don’t know who Stefani is! Her name is Stefani Gonzalez, and she’s my amiga major since, like, I don’t know…third grade? Yeah, I think it was third grade. I remember she’d make up nicknames for everybody in our class, like, Silvia Justo was la Muertita cause of her skull bookbag and also how she broke Gianni Garcia’s nose one time, even though Silvia was really small back then. Oh, yeah, that was funny as ****. Especially cause now Silvia’s like, so quiet, and calm, and takes honors classes! I forget what Gianni’s nickname was but I know it had, like, pigs, or bacon, or something like that in it.

    Wow, elementary school seems mad long ago now. Like, where the **** did all that time go? I was so little and cute. I wish I had a little brother or sister. I don’t want one like Stefani’s sister, Kristal, though. She’s seven, and she is an evil little kid. Like, Kristal will hit Stefani, or pull her hair, or steal her makeup and ruin the mascara brush, but if Stefani does anything to Kristal she gets in trouble. Okay, so actually I’m not sure I want a little sister. I kind of like it just with my mama, in our townhouse. She and my dad broke up before I was born, and she was going to have an abortion after that cause she didn’t have no job or anything, but she couldn’t even afford it cause it cost money and she didn’t have any health insurance. Now she has a part time job at a, like, a warehouse, and also she works the late shift at the Red Robin on …****, I don’t know how to spell the name of the road, but it’s the one near the mall--you know.

    I don’t know what else to talk about…I guess I could tell you about—okay, so, for Christmas this year, Mama bought me these beautiful ruby earrings. They were real gold and the rubies, like, sparkled. I loved them so much I wore them all the time, even though she told me not to. And then last weekend, I was at Stefani’s, and we were having a pillow fight with Kristal and one of the earrings came out! We spent like an hour searching, and we thought it went down the vent in the floor, down into the ceiling of the people who live below the Gonzalezes. We tried to look in the vent with a screwdriver and a flashlight, but we didn’t see it. Stefani told Kristal to stick her hand down there cause our hands wouldn’t fit, but then Kristal scraped her wrist on something metal and started crying. So Stefani got yelled at by her mom, and when I got home, Mama yelled at me for losing the earring. That all really sucked, cause it cost mad money, and I loved it so much, and Mama was all like, “í┐No pensaste t˙ sobre todo el dinero que yo pague para esos aretes!? í┐No recordaste que te diga, muchas veces, no llÚvalos todo del tiempo?!” Okay, I don’t really want to think about that. I’ll talk about something else.

    Oh, yeah—there’s a kid in my math class called Dennis, and he isn’t from America. (Or Puerto Rico or Mexico or anything like that—he’s white. And anyway, Latino countries don’t count—half the school is Latino!) He’s from Britain, and he’s really fun to talk to, cause I like listening to his accent, and cause he’s really nice. Like, most guys, if they’re friendly it’s probably just cause they’re flirting with you, but Dennis isn’t like that at all. We actually talk about stuff. Like, he saw one of my drawings (did I tell you I like drawing? I mean, I’m not good at it—I just like it) and he told me about his brother, who’s a junior and is really into photography. Their family just moved here six months ago, in August. I asked him why, but he didn’t answer, so I think he’s not that happy about it. He told me misses his friends there. I know I’d miss Stefani like **** if I moved away. I felt sort of bad for Dennis when he said that. Mama was so excited to come to America, cause Puerto Rico was never really a home to her, but leaving somewhere that really is your home…that’s like, losing something huge. I mean, so much worse than my earrings.

    Anyway...So what else do you want to know?
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