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Thread: Being British #5

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    I think it'd be like "He fancies you."

    That's not an entirely factual answer though, being I live in America.

    Moderator's Edit: Please refrain from answering questions in this thread if you are not British.

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    'He has a thing for you' would work fine, I think. Also, as SlytherinTears said, 'he fancies you' is probably the most common, or 'he has the hots for you' (though the latter is less common). If teenagers find someone attractive then they tend to say things like the person is 'fit' or 'hot'. Erm, hope that's helped ;o)

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    I need another question answered!

    Blame my stupid American culture for all my questions! *hides*

    What exactly is Boxing Day (the more specific the better)? Is this like super important and needs to be mentioned in a fic about the holidays?

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    If you are talking Christmas then you really can't ignore Boxing Day. It is the 26th of December, a bank holiday and otherwise known as St Stephen's Day. In terms of modern life, it's the day for being even more slothful after Christmas Day. The only other major modern tradition I can think of is the Boxing Day Hunt... but there is currently a ban on hunting with dogs in England.

    Link to Boxing Day info.
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    /me wonders why she keeps posting answers to this thread as she's not British, and wonders if she's going to get in trouble for it. . .

    I'd always heard that Boxing Day was the day you, er, boxed up your new gifts.

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    I actually know nothing about boxing day except that it is the day after christmas...
    I don't think many people actually know, except like old people... I have been told on many occassions but I just forget.
    For most people boxing day is just another day off, where you can eat left overs of christmas dinner, all the chocolates you got for christmas, and familys often have like little tradition. My family always go on a walk on boxing day. One of my friend's family always go and play cricket in the cold. So having some sort of tradition that is commented on would be an idea.

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    Boxing day used to have traditional value, but I don't think that many people keep to it anymore. Generally, it's a time for family - we always make a big buffet meal with all the left over Christmas food, and have whichever side of my parents family over for dinner that we didn't see the day before at Christmas.

    Like emmaholloway said - many families have their own little traditions that they keep to. We also always go for a walk before dinner (that's such a strange coincedence emma, lol!), and there's always some trashy Christmas film on TV in the evening.

    Many people have to go back to work the day after Boxing Day, so it's the last holiday day for many people - which makes it more special!

    I'd say Boxing Day, although nothing major happens, is still a very important day in the Christmas season. If you're writing a fic around Christmas, it's best to include it.

    Hope that helped!

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    there is currently a ban on hunting with dogs in England.
    Yes, and it should stay that way and if anyone disagree's with me, they should PM me and I will yell at them.

    To be honest, I don't think it's worth mentioning. It's never mentioned in the books themselves, and very little happens. Some families take all their Christmas decorations down on boxing day, but my family likes them too much and keeps them up for AGES - I think our record is currently the first of Feburary.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmerg_The_Impaler
    In Britain, is the person in the school who gets top grades called the valedictorian, and does he get to make a speech at the end of the year at graduation?

    If not, who makes the speech? I want to write a graduation at the end of one of my fics. Since it's from Hogwarts, I can bend tradition, but I want to know what's typical.
    Well in my expererience, we don't have a Valedictorian, but we do have a Head Boy and Girl. Generally, one of them (usually the more confident) makes the speech at the end of the eyar. At my school, it was the Head Girl, but it could just as easily be done by the Head Boy. Like I said, whichever one is the better public speaker generally. Our Head Girl did the speeches whilst the Head Boy occasionally played guitar (not at the same time that would be weird). We also got presented with a little folder with a statement from our teachers and our certificates from the year in. As far as I can remember anyway, I left in May.

    EDIT: Oh yes, and Head Girl and Boy aren't necessarily the cleverest in the year (although they came pretty close). At our school, the students vote for the prefects, then the teachers see who have the highest votes and they become Head Girl and Boy, Deputy Head Girl and Boy (of which we have two) and normal prefects. If anyone who the teachers think is unsuitable is voted in then they can vote against them and they don't get a badge.

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    'He likes you' works, but I don't know if that's British enough.

    You're welcome!


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