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Thread: Being British #5

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    i dont remember it snowing at all ... except like a little bit in december. hmmm.
    I think it depends. I mean last year it was snowing in like april, and this year it was the hottest april ever.
    One important note though.
    It never snows on christmas in like the south east. So if you've got a fic set in london having it snowing is so so unusual.

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    Were any comets visible with the naked eye, preferably easily visible and easily discernable as a comet (preferably like Hale-Bopp was) in the UK in the years 1965-1970?

    (How's that for random?!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nutz-chan
    Thanks, now I've got another question. I know I saw the answer in (I think) the Being British #3 thread, but I can't find the thread. If two inexperienced young wizards sat down at a bar in Southwest England, how would they ask for a just a beer in a smallish city?

    Does that make any sence...I know there was a long post about this in a previous thread...if someone can find me the link to the thread, I don't mind searching through it...
    Two pints please mate/love, i'd say.

    As for snow, February is our most common month for snow, i'd say. In the South, ie London, we don't really get much proper snow anymore. You might get one of two decent amounts (ie an inch) a year, and a few times when it will sprinkle but not properly settle (ie you couldn't make a snowman or snowball). Thats one of the reasons Hogwarts has to be in Scotland, it snows so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miss padfoot
    I realise questions about the weather in England have been asked quite a lot here, but I have a rather month-specific one that I think wasn't covered. Sorry if it's already been asked, but how long do the winters last? Will it still be snow-y in February? The year's 1980 if that helps.

    Thanks in advance!
    It changes yearly. Where I live we've had sun in january and snow at Easter, so really it all depends. I would say that there is quite frankly rarely any sun (although here we've been quite lucky not to have loads of rain like the rest of Britain has been getting because if we were flooded the island would sink...) in winter or autumn. It's still very cold in Spring too a lot of the time. But for snow in February...if it isn't snowy it will be at least very cold as though it could snow and we'd be likely tog et a lot of wind, rain and eprhaps hail or slush. Hope that helps

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    Best mate

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but would a girl refer to her best friend as her "best mate"? I've only heard guys use it, so....


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    Yeah, I would. But then, you have to look carefully at the character. I can't see Hermione saying that.

    Also, if it's in a serious way, i.e, an apology of some sort, they're more likely to say best friend.


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    miss padfoot
    What would be considered a late-evening snack? Say, if someone unexpected turns up at 7 PM-ish, and they're not invited to dinner or anything, what would you serve them?

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    I would say a sandwich to be honest. It's quick and easy to rustle up and it can be quite filling depending on what it's got on it.

    Hope that helped.

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    isn't seven like the time when people would be having dinner so surely it would be easier to just serve them dinner...??

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    miss padfoot
    Well, yes, it would be easier to serve them dinner, but like I said earlier, the guests are unexpected and they're not staying there for a long time or anything, just for a few minutes. So a snack would be better, no?

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