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Thread: Being British #5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Werewolf_sympathiser
    Well in my expererience, we don't have a Valedictorian, but we do have a Head Boy and Girl. Generally, one of them (usually the more confident) makes the speech at the end of the eyar. At my school, it was the Head Girl, but it could just as easily be done by the Head Boy. Like I said, whichever one is the better public speaker generally. Our Head Girl did the speeches whilst the Head Boy occasionally played guitar (not at the same time that would be weird). We also got presented with a little folder with a statement from our teachers and our certificates from the year in. As far as I can remember anyway, I left in May.
    The valedictorian isn't something that is commonplace in schools in Britain, although some will have adopted it, as many have done with other north American schooling traditions, it isn't something you're likely to find easily.

    At my school, the Head Boy and Head Girl gave speeches in the summer to the rest of the school in July, and in August, during the Sixth Form End of Year ceremony to award the students that achieved the highest grades in each subject and to wish everyone well for their Higher Education endeavours.

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    This is probably a really stupid question, but is Victoria's Secret as common over in Briatain as it is here? This is for a humor fic about Voldy's 85-pound girlfriend (think Paris Hilton with less clothing)

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    Victoria's secrets? I can't say I've heard of it, but then, I live in a really scabby part of England... Checking the wiki page though, there doesn't seem to be a massive worldwide campaign, and they don't have a British website... There might be a few shops, but it can't be as big as over there.

    If you were after sexy lingerie though, your best bet'd be "Ann Summers"... Although, that might be a bit too kinky, so... D:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flobberworm93
    is Victoria's Secret as common over in Briatain as it is here?
    Most people would know what Victoria's Secret is, so you could probably get away with referencing it, but as far as I know we don't have any branches here. The two main high street underwear shops I can think of are Ann Summers and La Senza. Like Toasty said, Ann Summers is quite kinky, and it's also rather cheap and tacky, so unless that's what you're going for (which if if it's a Paris Hilton-type person I guess it could work, and who knows, Voldy might be into that kind of thing), then you might be better to use La Senza as it's a bit more up-market.

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    *pops in*

    Does anyone know any common British surnames for a MWPP-era fic?


    *pops out*

    - Katie

    EDIT: Thanks, Toasty! That really helped!

    It is for a pure-blood, but it's an OC pure-blood, so I'm taking some canonical liberties and creating a new pure-blood last name.

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    Work based

    Archer, Bailey, Carter, Chaplin, Fletcher, Gardner, Proctor, Ward


    Smith, Jones, Williams, Taylor, Brown, Davies, Wilson, Roberts, Robinson, Thompson, Wright, Walker, White, Hughes, Edwards, Green, Lewis, Campbell, Stewart, Anderson, Scott, Reid, Murray, Macdonald, Paterson, Mitchell


    Angelo, Boulstridge, Clayworth, Domville, Garrot, Gauge, Hollingberry, Helling, Lowsly, McQuillen, Witte

    If you're doing a pure blood though, best steer away from them, eh?

    Have fun. xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by AurorKeefy
    Cat's cradle was around - though again I never understood it. Nor indeed would young Severus, so it might take some very patient explaining from Lily. Simon says was also there, but I always thought that was played with a group. *Shrugs*
    Cats cradle, Hopscotch, French skipping, skipping in general, clapping games, Jacks, marbles, it, truth and dare.

    Some clapping rhymes:

    When Suzie was a baby, a baby suzie was
    And she went waa waa waawaawaa
    When suzie was a toddler, a toddler suzie was
    and she went scribble scribble DOT DOT DOT!
    You get the idea. This went on and on until finally :
    When suzie was an angel, an angel suzie was
    and she went Amen start again

    Erm, what else...

    Thats the way uhuh uhuh i like it uhuh uhuh etc. I never liked this one.

    Pepsi cola... what were the words? I cant really remember... I think it went something like:

    Pepsi cola, pepsi cola
    ee i ee i pepsi cola
    Girls have long hair boys have short
    Boys have long legs, girls have short
    Pepsi cola, pepsi cola, ee i ee i pepsi cola....or something of that ilk


    Down in the jungle where nobody goes
    Lived a big fat elephant picking his nose
    With a pick pick here, and a pick pick there
    Thats the way he was picking his nose

    A sailer went to sea sea sea...but everyone knows that.

    Oh, and the french skipping one:

    Engand Ireland scotland wales
    Inside outside inside on

    And there was a rhyme, when just skipping:

    In a little bumper car, number 49
    Take it round the corner
    Dont be late

    Um, Grannys in the kitchen, doing a bit of stiching, how many stiches can she do? 1, 2,3...

    Thats all i can remember for now

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