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Well in my expererience, we don't have a Valedictorian, but we do have a Head Boy and Girl. Generally, one of them (usually the more confident) makes the speech at the end of the eyar. At my school, it was the Head Girl, but it could just as easily be done by the Head Boy. Like I said, whichever one is the better public speaker generally. Our Head Girl did the speeches whilst the Head Boy occasionally played guitar (not at the same time that would be weird). We also got presented with a little folder with a statement from our teachers and our certificates from the year in. As far as I can remember anyway, I left in May.
The valedictorian isn't something that is commonplace in schools in Britain, although some will have adopted it, as many have done with other north American schooling traditions, it isn't something you're likely to find easily.

At my school, the Head Boy and Head Girl gave speeches in the summer to the rest of the school in July, and in August, during the Sixth Form End of Year ceremony to award the students that achieved the highest grades in each subject and to wish everyone well for their Higher Education endeavours.