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I have a few questions about the weather in Scotland. How hot does it get/can it get during the summer? How cold can it get during the winter months?
Basically the same as England - 60-70 degrees in summer and 4/5, sometimes reaching freezing during the winter

And how much does it rain? Just, you know, whenever? It's not like . . . not a lot, right?
It rains quite a bit... If we don't get atleast a light shower per week we are lucky. It's funny because at the moment it's raining buckets for hours every day bvut last week it was glorious sunshune all week - basically the longer the warm spell the longer the rain afterwards. We get alot of rain in Spring and Autumn, not much in Summer (but weatherwise we go from July to September for Summer) and a lot in winter - and this doesn't often turn to snow unless you live high up.

Also, does Scotland have, like, shopping malls? Like they do in America with parking lots and cars . . . etc. . . I know I may be being thick, but I have no idea. I know it's not a different world, I just don't want to get anything wrong.
lol, Yes there are shopping CENTRES - basically like a shopping mall but a different name and we don't have food courts, you just get coffee shops (quite a few coffee shops - you go shopping and at some point you always seem to end up in one...) and a Macdonalds or a KFC.

I'm so sorry. I'm American.
It's ok, we Brits are used to Americans knowing nothing about us... Atleast you don't think we sit around drinking tea and eating scones all day 9I do actually know someone who thought that)