Do you think Voldemort remembers living off Quirrell and how Snape tried to prevent him from getting the stone?
I would say he probably remembers it, but that doesn't explain why he doesn't get all ticked off at Snape when he comes back. He was aware of everything at the time of SS, since he could tell Quirrell what to do, but if he remembered Snape trying to stop him, don't you think he would have killed him on the spot as soon as he returned and saw Snape again?

And, if he does, do you think he gave Snape a hard time when he came back in Goblet of Fire?
Well, Snape isn't killed, so my guess would be no.

Did Voldemort question Snape's loyalty because of his actions toward Quirrell in Sorcererís Stone?
I would if I were him, but again, he doesn't immediately kill Snape, so he might not remember that part of SS.