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Thread: Voldemort

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    yeah, they start to turn red when he's with Hepzibah and she's showing him his mother's locket.

    I think they like, flash red every now and then, and then when he's made his like, fifth horcrux they go very red.

    I'm sure that no-one will notice. It won't be that hard to change it

    Lola x

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    Thanks to everyone for all your help, I knew there was something off about that part, I just couldn't quite tell what. What you've all said makes sense, thank you! I've changed up the request a little bit, it's the first time Lily "defies" Voldemort, and here's how it's worded now:

    “Join my followers, and you will become my right hand <i>woman</i>. I will make sure you receive the most respect of any witch ever deemed worthy of it. You could be very valuable to me, and I could be very valuable to you.”

    “In what ways?” I asked as Voldemort motioned for Malfoy to let go of me.

    “I’ll keep you alive,” he replied.

    “How would I be valuable to you?”

    “I have heard from some very reliable servants that your skill in Potions outshines any other’s. There are some potions I would like made for me, and according to said informants, you are the smartest choice to make them.”

    If you have any adjustments to make, please tell me =].
    To be completely honest with you, the last part sounded... odd. I don't know how to put it, but I find the idea of Voldemort wanting help from THE 'mudblood' who 'thrice defied' him unrealistic. Let alone him wanting a potion made for him?

    I'm so, very sorry if my critical way of taking every bit of information annoys you.

    So, the more helpful bit, of course. I think you may want to change a few things in the last sentence which Voldemort speaks. I don't know if it's just me, but I find it a bit too complimentary... to be coming out of his own lips.

    And I think it'll be good if you try and make up a reason or explanation about how and why Voldemort would sought help from a muggle-born, let alone Lily Evans/Potter. It would certainly make your story more realistic.

    Anyways, your idea's quite interesting. Is the pairing in your story Lily/Voldemort? Take no offense, but - oh god, I feel like laughing at the thought.

    kathyhermy123 says:

    If I were Voldemort and I was choosing between Snape and Lily, I wouldn't think twice. Snape - ugly and unpopular. Lily - extremly pretty and popular. If you are still intending to use the part of the first extract where he wanted... something else in your story, than I could especially understand why Lily would be first choice. Pretty, intelligent and useful in... a few ways, she would be way preferable to some ugly boy who would have only one purpose.
    Uh well...


    Though I don't deny that most people, including me, that is, would prefer Lily Evans over Severus Snape, I think you're a bit off, if you get what I mean. I really don't think Voldemort cares how attractive or 'popular' you are. And I really, and honestly do think that it would be more than a little bit out of character for Voldemort to pick a 'Mudblood' Gryffindor over a Slytherin, how better looking the former may be.

    meryal says:

    I agree that he's spent so much time trying to dehumanize himself and separating himself from anyone else that he's not very likely to like Lily in that way. Voldemort is all about trying to separate himself from being human, and having a relationship would get in the way of that. Also, is even Lily pretty enough to overcome her being a 'mudblood'? However is there another reason he would want to keep her alive? Perhaps her potions skills? If he had managed to hear about him anyway. Just a thought.
    Well said. =)

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    Your idea intrigues me. It is a pioneer effort in the world of fan fiction, and many would never have thought of such a thing. Kudos.


    Do you really think Voldemort would have let anyone as bold and defiant as Lily, a Mudblood Gryffindor, nothing to him but scum, make potions for him? I understand where you're coming from, but Voldemort was not really that stupid, even if he wasn't so smart. He would not have asked for help if what he wanted were within his reach; as someone said earlier, he was top in all of his classes. He would have known how to brew a potion. Believe me, he's perfectly capable of producing a charm.

    I am not, however, saying that he never asked for help. Think of the time that Voldy asked Bella to store his prized possesion in her Gringott's vault. And he always had little Sevie running around left and right. But he really trusted them. He wouldn't let just anyone guard his soul. He wouldn't tell just anyone all of his master plans.

    This is why he wouldn't have told Lily to brew/produce anything for him. He would have suspected her of tampering with it, as nearly any person with a backbone would have done.

    That is why I think you should just set it up so that Voldy uses Lily as bait, to get to someone. Maybe to get James or even Dumbledore to rescue her, and so capture/enslave/torture/attempt to kill them???

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    I believe that Tom Riddle went to Hogwarts Sept/1937, which I hope is correct.

    My question is where is the orphanage he grew up in located, since from what I been able to determine certain areas of the UK would have been harder hit by the "Great Slump" ("Depression" in the U.S.) than others. I understand that by this point it was virtually over, but it would have affected his early boyhood, but how dramatically would depend on where he lived and I can't seem to figure that out.

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    The orphanage and the Vauxhall Road shop were likely in London. The Lexicon has some more information here:

    More information on the Vauxhall area can be found on Wikipedia by searching "Vauxhall".

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    Thank you *sigh* 1937 was not the most happening year (two years either way. . .)

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    What year did Voldemort really come to power for the first time?

    I'm sorry, I know this is more of a timeline question, but the timelines on the Lexicon are down. >.<

    EDIT: Never mind; the timelines are basically back up.

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    I have no idea what the plot for this story is, but I did want to offer some help on the passage that was quoted.

    I have heard from some very reliable servants that your skill in Potions outshines any other's/others'. There are some potions I would like made for me, and according to said informants, you are the smartest choice to make them.
    I think I know what's so odd about the sentence. The way you've phrased the whole passage, and not just the above quote, Voldemort is implying that he needs her (Lily, I'm assuming). He wouldn't do that. Ever.

    Instead of him coming right out and saying that he needed her to make the potion, it would be "Do my biding, or you're going to die." No questions asked, no offers made. And I honestly don't think he would explain anything.

    Tis not alot, but I hope it helped.


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    Momo Wellish

    Voldy's kid

    In my new fic, "My dad, the Dark Lord" Voldemort has a child with either Minerva or Bellatrix. That's my first question, which one would he be more likely to fall in love with?

    My second question is: should it be a boy or girl?

    And finally: what should he name it/him/her?

    Also, who would he make godfather and/or godmother?

    Lastly, how would he treat the kid?

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    Pinkcess of the Abyss
    Okay, from what you are saying I figure you plan to set your story during his reign?

    Now, for your questions.

    WARNING- Mentions of Sex and Rape.

    Voldemort has a child with either Minerva or Bellatrix. That's my first question, which one would he be more likely to fall in love with?
    Voldermort cannot love. Not only is his soul split, but his personality is so twisted that he has an inability to love another. It would be OOC for him to do so. He does not like to depend on others either, in fact, he is a very solitary man. Even at school, he did not show an interest in friends and instead gathered followers.

    Therefore, when looking for a mother, I'd say your options are as follows..

    Lust: Voldermort, as a man, could feel lust. Although it is not touched upon in the HP books for obvious reasons, there is no reason to say that he was a virgin. Therefore, it is possible that he could have made a baby with Bellatrix. I would say it is OOC for Bellatrix, because I belive she loved her husband, but I do belive she may be the type of woman who would use herself to work her way up in Voldermort's circle. (Not because she loves him as a man, but because she is ambitious.)

    Rape: It would be OOC for Minevra to have enganged in babymaking with Voldermort willingly. Therefore that area could be explored.

    should it be a boy or girl?

    I would advise a boy, because a girl is overused. This story line itself has been very popular and tends to run the same. However, if done well, I do see a potential in it. Unfortunatly, it is never done well. What you need to do is develop your character extreamly well.

    who would he make godfather and/or godmother?

    I do not belive that Voldermort would give that title to anyone. He has no friends, and there is no one he trusts.

    Lastly, how would he treat the kid?

    He would treat the child with affection. Like he does with his servents. Lord Voldermort is an eloquent man, who can and has, charmed an army. He would not love the child, but the child would not know that. He would see the child as a possesion, like Nagini, in a way, and also like his followers. He would not give his life for him/her, but he would be kind.

    The child would grow up with his belifes. It would grow up with values very much tainted by Voldermort's mind. Voldermort was the king of propergander, people would kill for him and think that they were doing the right thing. The child would grow to hang on his every word.

    I belive that Voldermort would ensure that his child was emotionally attatched to him. As he never has had any intention of dying, and would no share his power or leadership, I do not think he would ever create an heir. And he would especially not create someone who might have the power to overthrow him. Therefore he would not tell the child all his secrets. He would instead seek to control the child's every move, without the child being aware.

    I think you should just remmeber that the child of Voldermort would not be normal. I don't mean powerwise, I mean mentally. I would not say his child would be unhappy, I think they would be perfectly happy living how he/she does. But their mind would be warped. It would be a child who would think that the death of a muggleborn is a cleanising process. And I mean a CHILD. It would mean no more than squashing a bug.

    If you want to write a belivable child of Voldermort I'd suggest really researching Voldermort as a man. And possibly reading into other eloquent dictators to get a better grasp of him. Think Hitler, people loved him. Just like Voldermort. His followers did not all follow him because they feared him; they followed him because he said the right things, the right way.

    In the seventh book, during the fight at Hogwarts, he speaks out to the crowd for them to hand over Harry Potter and he will let them live. It hints there at how he was not a barbaric psycopath, but was instead a very interlectual man with a silvertounge.

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