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    Quote Originally Posted by pokethedevil
    DH Spoilers

    On the night that Voldermort first attacked Harry, when he fired the curse at him and it rebounded, why did the part of his soul inside his body not vanquish? Why did it have to attach itself to the only other living creature around? Why didn't that part just die,wasn't the killing curse supposed to finish it?
    Quote Originally Posted by Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
    “You were the seventh Horcrux, Harry, the Horcrux he never meant to make. He had rendered his soul so unstable that it broke apart when he committed those acts of unspeakable evil, the murder of your parents, the attempted killing of a child. But what escaped from that room was even less than he knew. He left more than his body behind. He left part of himself latched to you, the would-be victim who had survived.
    So the part of his soul that was in his body that went to Godric's Hollow; part of it went into Harry, and the rest of it escaped because he had the other Horcruxes tying him to earth.

    That's a pie-chart I made for my Dark Arts class, showing 8 bits of evenly divided soul (we'll not get into whether they were completely even or not just now).

    When the Dark Lord first went to Godric's Hollow, he had his soul in a total of SIX pieces. The diary, the locket, the ring, the tiara, the diary and himself. When he tried to kill Harry, another piece split off and went into Harry's head, leaving a total of seven pieces. The piece in the original body was still tethered to earth by the remaining Horcuxes.

    It wasn't until later that he created the piece in Nagini.

    But I think your question is, with the six bits, once the murders of the Potters were committed and the attempt on Harry, one piece of soul should have shaved off into Harry's head and the other *should* have just dissipated, right?

    That would make sense and that's a very good question.

    On the other hand, another question is, if you have a Horcrux, and you "die", then the half (let's just assume) of your soul that was originally in your body is still held earthbound by the bit in the Horcrux. But in the Dark Lord's case, Wormtail went after him and found that ethereal bit of soul, and got it into a body. What if someone uses a Horcrux to ressurrect you?

    (I really should stop before I give you people all nightmares!)

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    Bah! This is confusing!

    So when he went to Godric's Hollow, he had one piece of his soul inside him but when the killing curse meant for Harry rebounded, that part divided into two parts. One vanquished and the other latched itself to Harry. Is that about right?

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    Well . . . mostly. He started off with one soul, then he created the diary Horcrux and had two: one inside him, and one in the diary. Then he created the next Horcrux, and the one piece of soul inside him split, and part of it went into the new Horcrux, so he had *three* bits of soul; two Horcruxes, and what remained of the original. And so forth.

    But when he went after Harry, it appears that his soul split off, part went into Harry, and the other part wasn't vanquished or destroyed, it just moved. Why it moved where it went is anyone's guess. (My personal guess is that Albania is about as exotic and unknown as it's possible to get and still remain in Europe. Enver Hoxha's legacy lives on! \o/ )

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    Hi all!
    I'm writing a fic that contains the scene when Snape tells Voldemort of the prophecy.

    How do you think Voldemort reacted?

    He wouldn't be angry, but he certainly wouldn't be happy...

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    Rhi for HP
    I think he would be extremely annoyed that anything would exist that could overcome him. But also he would be smug -- a one-year old is easily killed. So I think there would be the initial shock/outrage/annoyance, and then he would sort of laugh it off: 'I take care of this boy--who is an easy target--and my power is assured.'


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mudblood_and_Proud_of_it
    Hi all!
    I'm writing a fic that contains the scene when Snape tells Voldemort of the prophecy.

    How do you think Voldemort reacted?

    He wouldn't be angry, but he certainly wouldn't be happy...
    I think that's a fantastic question. I have that scene coming up soon, too, so I'm glad you brought it up so I can think about it.

    I think you have to consider three things here; not just how the Dark Lord DID react, but how SNAPE reacted, and how Snape perceived the Dark Lord would react.

    I think Snape is private enough (and ambitious enough!) that he would have wanted to tell the Dark Lord in private if he could pull it off. However, at the time he was a fairly junior Death Eater; later, after the Dark Lord decided to pursue the Potters, he feared for Lily's life and begged for her, but at the time the prophecy was revealed, Snape was likely only 20 (almost 21) and not far off from the tortured kid we saw in "Snape's Worst Memory". (Granted, he was only 21 (almost 22) by the time the Potters were killed, but by that point he'd have A) proven his loyalty by revealing the Prophecy in the first place and B) likely helping to hunt the likely culprits.)

    However, at the time the Prophecy was given, I think it somewhat unlikely to believe Snape was the proverbial "right hand man"; more a "minion". Probably not terribly well-respected amongst the more senior Death Eaters and looked on with disdain by the more junior ones. Even the Dark Lord, who would likely have seen that Severus was a TRUE Slytherin and valued his intellect would have held some reservations about him at that point, in my opinion.

    So you have this junior Death Eater who "can't get no respect", so to speak, coming to the Dark Lord with this MOMENTOUS pronouncement.

    If you assume that Snape was only at the Hog's Head in the first place because he was trying to secure employment at Hogwarts under the Dark Lord's orders, then you can make this a bit easier. Otherwise, Snape's going to worry the Dark Lord will wonder why Snape was talking to Dumbledore in the first place.

    If Snape was there only under the Dark Lord's orders in the first place, you can make it that Snape has somewhat of a private audience with the Dark Lord and will be asked to give an update in what amounts to private, where he can reveal that there's a Prophecy fortelling the Dark Lord's peril. I think Snape would absolutely prefer to do it in private. If he's made a spectacle of it's less likely to happen in private and less likely to be brought out later in front of the rest of them, and if the Dark Lord is pleased with the ultimate message then Snape holds an advantage over the rest of them.

    However, if you want Snape to really have a problem, have him getting the bright idea to spy himself, being discovered, and having to tell the Dark Lord all of this in front of everyone. Remember, Snape is a DEEPLY insecure person.

    As for the Dark Lord (I'm really not trying to misdirect this), if Snape was there under his orders, I think he'd be really peeved at the pronouncement but as you said, quickly realise that a baby won't be a threat and react with some smugness, although I don't think he'd threaten to "kill the messenger", so to speak. If Snape were off doing his own thing that could even possibly be construed in the wrong way by the Dark Lord, I think rage and punishment is coming to Snape.

    And further, however the Dark Lord *actually* reacts may be quite different from how Snape thought he was going to react, and he could have built himself up for a particular scenario that didn't come to fruition. Even if a nearly identical thing happened to another Death Eater fifteen minutes previously. So that can add in a whole different dimension. Would Snape delay? What would happen? That kind of thing.

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    Whew! That was some analysis! Thank you so much for the help- I've always had a bit of trouble with Voldemort's and Snape's characterization because I haven't had much experience with them as characters outside simply reading them in the books. I can get to work now!!

    Thank you as well to Rhi for HP!

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    His eyes.

    Does anyone know what color Voldys eyes were when he was younger?
    I have blue in my fic. But I'm not sure-if no one knows could you make a guess?
    Or else I'll probably just stick with blue.

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    They were dark brown, JKR said so in COS.

    She also mentions them in HBP.

    Hope this helps x

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    But thank you.
    appreciate it.
    They are red now though, right?

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