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I definitely agree with Hanni- I think your excerpt sounds great!

Hmmm. I guess it would depend on whether Snape was already being used by Voldy during the Marauder era. Perhaps Voldy tries to convert Lily, eventually fails for some reason and then he seeks out Snape and his Potions skills in order to replace her?

I think that's a good point about Lily being good at charms - Ollivander says her wand was perfect for Charms work. And there are some good charms that can be used in a dark fashion - such as "Scourgify". Maybe Lily could teach those to the Death Eaters - broaden their repertoire a bit.

I personally see Voldy needing a really good Potions person, though, because potions are so fiddly and needing precise timing and exact amounts of ingredients. It's not something to be trusted to just anyone, I don't think, and many of the Dark Lord's Death Eaters don't strike me as the patient type who mind sitting around for several weeks keeping a close eye on the Polyjuice Potion. Hee, hee!

Please let me know how your story turns out!
I'm just not so sure that Lily really was so good at potions. Slughorn doesn't strike me as the most honest character, and he'd say pretty much anything to get on Harry's good side. That being said, I think she may have been good, but no where near Severus' level.

There is just one thing that bothers me; Voldemort was said to have been very good at school. He had the top grades in everything. I just don't see why he would need help. One more thing; I feel as if Voldemort asking for any kind of help is a bit ooc. Death Eaters don't help him, they work for him. I think its even more ooc that he asking help from a muggle-born like Lily.
That is easily solved. Simply make it a charm that the user can't cast himself, and don't have him ask Lily, have him demand it.