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    Well, this sort of morphs attraction with insane love, but they are connected, of course. Hope that's alright.

    Name: Gin_Drinka
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Tintinnabulations of the Heart
    Warnings: None. Just an insanely in love Lavender. Oh, and mild language.
    Word Count: 499

    I donít knowÖ

    I mean, Iíve liked guys before and all. This isnít new to me. Iím eighteen, for crying out loud! Iíve been in love likeÖ three times already. Honest to Merlin. Loads of people would just turn around and say, ďYouíre too damn young to have been in love that many times. Theyíre just silly passing fancies.Ē Well, who the heck is the judge, eh? Who the heck is the one with the heart on the line?

    Iím not new to this. And Iím not trying to give you some crazy idea that Iím all full of knowledge, and veteran-like. Iím not that either. Iím just not new to this.

    I canít understand it. I really canít. Iím going crazy here. I think about him every waking minute. I canít stand not seeing him for two bloody seconds. Iím out of my mind. I know it. Weíre in the middle of a war, and I think lifeís gorgeous just because he smiled at me. Itís not that heís all that great-looking either. He looks terrible. Cuts all over his face, arms, back, chestÖ everywhere! I doubt his toenails arenít cut. And his hairís grown out crazy and all over the place. He doesnít care. His clothes are all ragged, too. Like he just got out of a fight. Thatís what he always looks like; like he just got out of a fight.

    But I just canít help myself. I honestly, truly, donít give a damn about the cuts and the clothes and the hair and the bleeding toenails! I donít know what in the stars is wrong with me. Iíve lost my mind. I wish heíd ask me to marry him for goodness sake! And I would, too, if he asked. Thatís the worst part. I mean, weíre not even a couple. He doesnít have time for something as flighty as love. Heís a serious man. Weíre not a couple, he doesnít see me as anything more than just a girl whoís gone to school with him for seven years and, for Merlinís sake, Iíve never even once held his hand.

    But Iíd marry him. I would, I swear I would. Iíd get down on my bloody knees and marry him tomorrow. Today! Iíd do it today. Right now.

    Iím out of my mind in love with him. I really am. Just right out of my mind in love. Heís crazy if he doesnít notice. He probably does, anyway. He probably feels sorry for me and all. Because he doesnít love me.

    Oh, Merlin, donít let that be true! Heís just a serious man. He doesnít have time for love; loveís too flighty. Once this damn war is over, itíll be fine. Iíll confess. Iíll walk right up to him and Iíll tell him, ďI love you! I love you like crazy.Ē

    And heíll be so stunned Iíll kiss him right on the lips.

    And heíll love me. Iíll do everything.

    Merlin, I donít knowÖ

    Iím crazy.
    I really, really liked writing this.

    kehribar: Wow, she does sound crazed O.o I really love the tone in this and the way the feeling is put forward so powerfully. However, I'm afraid this drabble has little to do with attractiveness. The theme had to be "attractiveness", but this is almost entirely about Lavender's love and I'm afraid the slight mention of "his" outer appearance just isn't enough. Sorry


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    Name: Horsesbella219 (or Lucinda)
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: For Lily
    Warnings: very very mild language i guess.
    Word Count: 372

    Mirrors: The window into your outer appearance. Mirrors didn’t lie, why would they? There was nothing in it for them. So why, if he truly looked like this, did Lily Evans not like him? What was he doing wrong?

    He fluffed his hair up a little more, and straightened his tie. Striking a pose, he peered into the mirror once more. No different. GAH! What was wrong with him? He ripped his tie off, and undid his shirt buttons. His well toned stomach slid into sight, as the shirt opened. Quietly, so as not to attract attention, he put on a deep husky voice.

    “Why, hello there,” he purred slightly, sounding more like a paedophile than anything else. That or a mad axe murderer. Adjusting his tone slightly, he tried again, in a slightly deeper tone, and slightly louder. “Hello there, Ms Evans, and how are you today?”

    Right, fine, that would do. Wasn’t too strange. So it must be the clothes. Right, ok then. He tore open his drawer, and searched frantically for something, anything, to make him look cooler. Spying a pair of black jeans, belonging to Sirius, he pulled his school trousers off, and threw them haphazardly across the bed. The jeans were a tad too big, as James was slight, but Sirius was well built, and muscular, but perhaps they would look stylish…

    Shirt or no shirt? He looked in the mirror, and braced his muscles. Nope, not a good look, since he seemed to have an inability to brace his muscles and suck his stomach in at the same time. He tried just pulling his stomach in, and the trousers fell down. Damn. Belt and shirt it was. Grabbing a plain white t-shirt off a coat hanger, he fluffed his hair up again. Once the shirt was safely on, he checked his appearance again. Perfect…ready to roll!

    He climbed down the stairs to the common room.

    “Hey, Lily, could I have a word please?” Damn! Why’d his voice have to go all squeaky?


    “I love you,” he muttered, “And you know I do. Please, Lily. You love me too.”

    “I’m sorry, James, but I just can’t. You know that.”

    What the hell was wrong with him?
    Hope you enjoy!

    kehribar: Good one. Five points to Hufflepuff!

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