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    Topic 2 ~ Remy is Dreamy

    Time for another topic! The topic is a bit lighter this time, but nevertheless:

    Please keep drabbles under a PG-13 rating and remember that everyone doesn't have the same views, so be respectful.

    When posting a drabble use this form:

    Word count:

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    This thread's topic is: Attractiveness..

    Have fun!

    EDIT: New(and much cooler) title courtesy of the lovely Leah! *hugs*

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    Name: Weasleyboyfreak
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Love Potion #9
    Warnings: none
    Word count: 500

    Ron Weasley sat alone in the corner of the Gryffindor common room. He stared longingly across the room at a girl with a mess of frizzy brown curls. Her deep brown eyes haunted the boy’s thoughts, both night and day.

    He didn’t understand the phenomena that attracted him to the girl who seemed to have an answer to every question. Hermione, the sharp tongued know-it-all, always made his heart race. Ron stared in awe as she flipped through the pages of a large book in front of her.

    “Oh, Ronniekins,” said a familiar voice that pulled Ron out of his reverie. Ron looked up to see Fred and George standing in front of him.

    “What do you two want?” Ron asked, looking suspiciously at the smirking twins.

    “To answer all your deepest desires,” Fred answered.

    “What are you on about? You cant do--”

    “Oh, but we can, Ronny,” smirked George.

    “All you have to do is drink this,” Fred finished, holding up a capped vial.

    “It’s our newest creation,” the twins said in unison.

    “No, way! I’m not testing any of your products. Find someone else!” Ron said, trying to stand up.

    “But, Ron,” George countered, pushing him back into his chair. “Don’t you want her?”

    “Who are you talking about?” Ron asked in an irritated tone. In truth, he knew that they were referencing Hermione. Fred and George had over heard him talking about her in his sleep on night. That one night turned into their constant source of ridicule for the rest of the summer.

    “Come off it, Ron. Don’t you want to hold Hermione in your arms?” Fred muttered, ears flared bright red at the mention of Hermione’s name.

    “This will make her yours,” George smirked. “She wont be able to resist you…”

    Ron’s blue eyes sat fixed on the purple liquid in the bottle. He did want to hold Hermione in his arms and never let go.

    “What do you say, Ronny?” The twins asked together, a mischievous glint in their eyes. George dangled the vial above Ron’s head.

    Suddenly, the vial of potion was snatched out of George’s hand by Hermione.

    “What do you think your doing?” she snapped. “I though I told you not to test your products on others!”

    Fred and George looked at each other, rolling their eyes. They slowly turned and walked past Hermione.

    “Don’t make me tell McGonagall!” Hermione called after them. “Can you believe those two?” Hermione asked Ron, taking him off guard. She looked similar to Mrs. Weasley as she stood with her hands on her hips.

    “No…”Ron stammered, staring into her brown eyes. She flashed him a quick smile before returning to her studies, handing Ron the vial.

    “I’ll let you dispose of this, I’ve go to get back to my potions essay.” Hermione said.

    Once Hermione’s had stopped looking at him, Ron slipped the potion into his pocket. He smirked slightly at the event that had just occurred, debating whether or not to use the potion.
    kehribar: This is a nice drabble, but I'm afraid the theme is too loosely connected with "attractiveness" Maybe you could've focused more on the potion and its effects or on Ron's feelings about his own attractiveness...

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    Name: Striped_Candycane
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Pansy Isn't
    Warnings: None
    Word count: 500

    Daphne is beautiful and Pansy isn’t.

    It is something she knows, it is something that’s obvious. It is something they all say.

    Pansy sees it every time she looks into the mirror: the flat square face, the wide set eyes. Eyebrows dashed carelessly across her forehead. An upturned nose, piggy nostrils. Mousy hair, short. Pansy wishes it were thicker.

    She tries to cover it all with makeup and jewels, because money is supposed to buy everything, isn’t it? But somehow it doesn’t change the fact that Daphne is beautiful and Pansy isn’t. So Pansy has no choice but to turn the mirror silver side against the wall.

    Sometimes she wonders what sudden twist of fate made Daphne beautiful. Maybe it’s just the fact that she can laugh. Pansy can’t laugh: she tries, but it just sounds tinny and high-pitched and empty.

    Daphne is laughing now, clear and loud and lively, just behind Pansy. She is standing on the grass at the side of the dirt road while Pansy slowly begins to peddle the Muggle bicycle. The road starts to dip downhill and the bicycle starts to pick up speed. At least then Daphne’s laughter is no longer ringing in her ears.

    It was all Daphne’s fault. Pansy hadn’t wanted to do it. She said she wouldn’t ride a Muggle bicycle, not for a million Galleons. But then Daphne had dared her, and then of course she had to go, because if she didn’t Daphne would tell everyone at Hogwarts that Pansy Parkinson had backed out, and then they would all be at her throat. They’re like that. She’s like that.

    Its hard to ride, she feels ungainly, like a stork. All arms and legs. The wheels wobble and she has to put her foot down a few times otherwise she’ll fall, and Merlin knows she doesn’t want to do that.

    But then something seems to kick in and now she’s peddling, really peddling, faster and faster until the wheels whirr and the world blurs and she’s flying. For a moment she is free, she feels beautiful…

    Then the bicycle hits a rock and she flies out of her seat. Pansy sits there on the ground for a moment, discarded like an old rag doll. She thinks she is going to be sick.

    Now Daphne is coming towards her, beautiful Daphne, beautifully concerned.

    “Eww,” she says, her mouth shaped in a perfect pout. “Your chin is bleeding.”


    Later Pansy examines the scar in the mirror, and feels like crying. She wishes it had been Daphne who had fallen, Daphne who had been scarred. Daphne has beauty to spare, and Pansy doesn’t.

    But then she remembers that glorious moment on the bicycle. She had felt perfect, a stork, yes, but one who had just unfurled its wings to find each feather was white and brilliant and that they might take her to the sun…

    Pansy glances one last time in the mirror, and this time she does not turn it away.
    Featuring a horribly OOC Pansy...Ah well. It was fun to write!

    kehribar: I really like this drabble, however, like the post just above, the theme is too loosely connected to attractiveness. This is rather about beauty, and beauty and attractiveness are two different things. Besides, as you've said, Pansy does seem quite OOC, and The Three Broomsticks has always been very much concerned with good characterisation. Sorry Glad to hear it was fun to write, though!

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    Well, this sort of morphs attraction with insane love, but they are connected, of course. Hope that's alright.

    Name: Gin_Drinka
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Tintinnabulations of the Heart
    Warnings: None. Just an insanely in love Lavender. Oh, and mild language.
    Word Count: 499

    I don’t know…

    I mean, I’ve liked guys before and all. This isn’t new to me. I’m eighteen, for crying out loud! I’ve been in love like… three times already. Honest to Merlin. Loads of people would just turn around and say, “You’re too damn young to have been in love that many times. They’re just silly passing fancies.” Well, who the heck is the judge, eh? Who the heck is the one with the heart on the line?

    I’m not new to this. And I’m not trying to give you some crazy idea that I’m all full of knowledge, and veteran-like. I’m not that either. I’m just not new to this.

    I can’t understand it. I really can’t. I’m going crazy here. I think about him every waking minute. I can’t stand not seeing him for two bloody seconds. I’m out of my mind. I know it. We’re in the middle of a war, and I think life’s gorgeous just because he smiled at me. It’s not that he’s all that great-looking either. He looks terrible. Cuts all over his face, arms, back, chest… everywhere! I doubt his toenails aren’t cut. And his hair’s grown out crazy and all over the place. He doesn’t care. His clothes are all ragged, too. Like he just got out of a fight. That’s what he always looks like; like he just got out of a fight.

    But I just can’t help myself. I honestly, truly, don’t give a damn about the cuts and the clothes and the hair and the bleeding toenails! I don’t know what in the stars is wrong with me. I’ve lost my mind. I wish he’d ask me to marry him for goodness sake! And I would, too, if he asked. That’s the worst part. I mean, we’re not even a couple. He doesn’t have time for something as flighty as love. He’s a serious man. We’re not a couple, he doesn’t see me as anything more than just a girl who’s gone to school with him for seven years and, for Merlin’s sake, I’ve never even once held his hand.

    But I’d marry him. I would, I swear I would. I’d get down on my bloody knees and marry him tomorrow. Today! I’d do it today. Right now.

    I’m out of my mind in love with him. I really am. Just right out of my mind in love. He’s crazy if he doesn’t notice. He probably does, anyway. He probably feels sorry for me and all. Because he doesn’t love me.

    Oh, Merlin, don’t let that be true! He’s just a serious man. He doesn’t have time for love; love’s too flighty. Once this damn war is over, it’ll be fine. I’ll confess. I’ll walk right up to him and I’ll tell him, “I love you! I love you like crazy.”

    And he’ll be so stunned I’ll kiss him right on the lips.

    And he’ll love me. I’ll do everything.

    Merlin, I don’t know…

    I’m crazy.
    I really, really liked writing this.

    kehribar: Wow, she does sound crazed O.o I really love the tone in this and the way the feeling is put forward so powerfully. However, I'm afraid this drabble has little to do with attractiveness. The theme had to be "attractiveness", but this is almost entirely about Lavender's love and I'm afraid the slight mention of "his" outer appearance just isn't enough. Sorry


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    Name: Horsesbella219 (or Lucinda)
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: For Lily
    Warnings: very very mild language i guess.
    Word Count: 372

    Mirrors: The window into your outer appearance. Mirrors didn’t lie, why would they? There was nothing in it for them. So why, if he truly looked like this, did Lily Evans not like him? What was he doing wrong?

    He fluffed his hair up a little more, and straightened his tie. Striking a pose, he peered into the mirror once more. No different. GAH! What was wrong with him? He ripped his tie off, and undid his shirt buttons. His well toned stomach slid into sight, as the shirt opened. Quietly, so as not to attract attention, he put on a deep husky voice.

    “Why, hello there,” he purred slightly, sounding more like a paedophile than anything else. That or a mad axe murderer. Adjusting his tone slightly, he tried again, in a slightly deeper tone, and slightly louder. “Hello there, Ms Evans, and how are you today?”

    Right, fine, that would do. Wasn’t too strange. So it must be the clothes. Right, ok then. He tore open his drawer, and searched frantically for something, anything, to make him look cooler. Spying a pair of black jeans, belonging to Sirius, he pulled his school trousers off, and threw them haphazardly across the bed. The jeans were a tad too big, as James was slight, but Sirius was well built, and muscular, but perhaps they would look stylish…

    Shirt or no shirt? He looked in the mirror, and braced his muscles. Nope, not a good look, since he seemed to have an inability to brace his muscles and suck his stomach in at the same time. He tried just pulling his stomach in, and the trousers fell down. Damn. Belt and shirt it was. Grabbing a plain white t-shirt off a coat hanger, he fluffed his hair up again. Once the shirt was safely on, he checked his appearance again. Perfect…ready to roll!

    He climbed down the stairs to the common room.

    “Hey, Lily, could I have a word please?” Damn! Why’d his voice have to go all squeaky?


    “I love you,” he muttered, “And you know I do. Please, Lily. You love me too.”

    “I’m sorry, James, but I just can’t. You know that.”

    What the hell was wrong with him?
    Hope you enjoy!

    kehribar: Good one. Five points to Hufflepuff!

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    Name: WhittyLeah
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Breathtaking
    Warnings: Crying
    Word count: 496... close! I had to cut out a lot!

    This is a lost moment from my fic 'From the Water's Edge'.

    Eloise Midgen stood in front of a floor length mirror as her best friend Susan Bones secured her veil into place.

    "You look beautiful, El!" Susan said as she gave her friend a big hug.

    "Thank you, Susan," Eloise replied, sniffling slightly with emotion.

    Eloise turned back to the mirror and stared hard at herself. The wedding dress clung to all her curves until it flared out at mid-thigh.

    What was I thinking when I bought this dress? I look like a Hippogriff!

    “Are you all right, El?” Susan asked, concern in her voice.

    “I look hideous!” she replied, grabbing a tissue to wipe away the tears falling from her blue eyes.

    “What? You look smashing! Harry is going to wet himself when he sees you!” Susan giggled, giving her friend a small hug as not to mess up her dress.

    “No he isn’t, Susan! I shouldn’t have bought such a tight dress, I look terrible! I look like a – like a swollen Erumpent!” Eloise cried, thinking about how she didn’t want to disappoint Harry.

    “Is this about what Pansy ‘pain in the arse’ Parkinson said the other day?” Susan asked as she took the tissue from her friend and helped her wipe away her tears. “She is just upset that you are upstaging her. She is getting married to Gregory Goyle in a cheap wedding that none of the papers are going to be following. You are having a fairytale wedding to the savior of the world! She is just jealous that you are going to get more attention than her. Don’t listen to her! You look wonderful!”

    “Thanks, Susan.” Eloise gave her a watery smile. “I am ready now. Sorry.”

    Susan and Eloise walked out of the dressing room and to the area they were to wait in until the wedding planner gave them the go ahead to walk down the aisle.

    Susan gave Eloise one last smile before she went to stand with Neville Longbottom, Harry’s best man. Eloise took her spot next her father who looked rather annoyed at having to wait there for so long.

    “There you are,” he said, giving her a once over before turning away from her. “You know most women loose weight before they get married. So they fit in their dress properly. I see you thought yourself above that sort of thing.”

    Eloise visibly winced at his words, as though he had struck her. He was good at that. She had decided to run away when the wedding planner pushed her towards the double doors and there was no turning back.

    Taking a deep breath, she walked through the doors.

    She instantly focused on Harry, who had a big smile on his face. Eloise watched his face change, from happy to dumbfounded.

    When they reached the end of the aisle Harry took her from her father.

    “You look breathtaking,” Harry whispered in her ear.

    And she believed it, for the first time in her life.

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    Name: mspadfoot89
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: The Mirror
    Warnings: None
    Word count: 305

    The Mirror

    She avoided the mirror.

    At thirteen, Hermione had no use for a mirror. She didn’t care for it in any way. Many of the surrounding girls had started spending more and more time in front of it, but Hermione had other things on her mind.

    She wanted to be someone in life, she wanted to so something of importance, she wanted to achieve all of her goals.

    She wanted to help Harry with his fight. She wanted to be there for both of her best friends, like they had been there for her. And that was all. These were the only thoughts occupying her mind and she didn’t have time for anything else.

    She hated the mirror.

    Hermione started at her reflection, looking at the crestfallen face in front of her. She wanted to do something about her hair, and especially her teeth, but she didn’t know how. She was surprised at how much people’s mocking and taunting bothered her. She had never let it before. And yet she was growing up. They were growing up. She didn’t want to admit it, but she hated how Harry’s eyes traveled to Cho, how Ron wouldn’t even throw her a second look.

    She hated her reflection.

    She embraced the mirror.

    Hermione was lying in St. Mungo’s. In one hand she was holding a broken mirror, the fingers of the other traced the scars on her face delicately. Tears streamed down her eyes as she studied herself. On either side of her Ron and Harry lied, unconscious but safe.

    For once she did not wince as her broken and sad self stared at her through the looking glass. She had fought and she had lived. She had helped in the war and they had come out victorious. She smiled. The scars were beautiful to her. She was beautiful

    Coolness! 10 points to Ravenclaw!

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    Name: FenrirG
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Reflections
    Warnings: None
    Word count: 326

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall.

    Hermione Granger stared at her reflection as though it could give her all the answers. She looked good—better than she ever had in her life, she knew. Her hair was sleek, her teeth dainty, her robes lovely and form-fitting. Yet a thousand questions were running through her head, and no mirror, no book, would ever be able to answer them.

    Beauty is relative, Hermione mused, in the eyes of the beholder. What would Ron think when he saw her? Surely if he saw her like this, he would regret not having asked her to the ball. Surely she would no longer be overlooked as a girl; never be his last resort when unable to find a date. Surely, the way she looked would change things for the better.

    But would it be for the better? With a deep sigh, Hermione turned away from the mirror. If Ron liked her more now that she fit a more conventional standard of beauty, that would simply reinforce what Hermione had been saying since day one: that he was just a shallow, ignorant berk, a selfish male in the worst sense of the word. If Ron liked her more now, he wasn’t worth her time and heartache… if he liked her more now, he was not her true friend.

    But Viktor! Viktor was a different matter. He had fallen for her long before she’d discovered Sleekeasy’s Hair Potion and reversed Engorgement charms. He had fallen for her not for her looks, but for her wit and intelligence. Viktor was, perhaps, the first boy to like her for who she truly was.

    Hermione forced a smile to her face; she kept it there until it became natural. Shaking away her last shreds of doubt, Hermione made up her mind. She would enjoy this evening without worrying about Ron or looks or mirrors.

    She would be herself.

    Mirrors, after all, can only tell us so much.

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    Noel Weasley

    The Real Me

    Name- Noel Weasley
    House- Gryffindor
    Title- The Real Me
    Warnings- None
    Word Count- 498 ...Wow, that was close...

    I was always changing. Literally. Being a Metamorphamagus doesn’t really keep you the same. Pink hair, purple hair, pug nose, Roman nose, I’m never staying the same. Looking outrageous is my only way of getting a second glance, but as myself, my TRUE self, I don’t even get a single glance.

    “Hey, Tonks!” somebody yelled, bringing me out of my thoughts.

    [[“Wotcher, Ginny. How’s things?” I asked, twiddling my thumbs.

    “Things are good. So, any Order business I’m not supposed to know about?” she smiled.

    I laughed, “Nothing. Voldemort hasn’t done a thing in the past three days.”

    Ginny sighed. “Not even a broomstick violation?”

    “Not even loitering.” I frowned.

    “Okay, Tonks. I’m supposed to be waking Ron up now.” Ginny laughed and ran up the stairs of Grimmauld Place.

    I sighed and fell back into the couch. I rubbed my eyes and changed my hair from lime to a mousy brown. It’s been draining me, changing my body constantly.

    “Hello, Nymphadora.” A smooth male voice from behind me said.

    I growled, but didn’t reprimand him. He never does learn. “Hey Remus.” I sighed. I rubbed my eyes again. But then suddenly stopped. “How did you know it was me?”

    “I pay attention.” He simply stated and sat down next to me.

    “But no one knows it’s me from behind like that.”

    “I do.”

    I rolled my eyes and softly blushed.

    “So, what do you really look like? You’re always morphing all the time, I think the most of the real you I’ve ever seen is right now.” Remus said, gesturing towards my hair.

    “Wha- oh, you don’t want to see the real me. It’s not every easy on the eyes.” I made up some excuses for him not to see me, but I really DID want him to see the real me. Maybe I was plain enough for him to like.

    “I’m sure your very pretty, Nymph.” Remus smiled slightly at my old nickname Sirius gave me when we were younger.

    I heaved an overly dramatic sigh. “Fine, I’ll show you, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” I rubbed my eyes again and thought about me. The true me. The klutzy, overly bubbly me. I felt my body melt and shift and then freeze. The transformation was complete. “There. Here’s me.” I knew the real me by heart. Brown mousy hair, a crooked nose from breaking it a couple times. Freckles splashed across my face and pink lips, often chapped. I was short with an awkward-ish frame and big feet. The only thing I favored about my body was my eyes. One blue, the other a greenish-blue. I looked over at Remus to see what he thought.

    “Whoa, Nymph. You were right and I was wrong.” I couldn’t believe my ears. Was that an insult? “You’re not easy going on the eyes; you shine to bright. Your beautiful.” He smiled and I melted inside.

    “Thanks Remus.” I smiled back. I guess I’m not that bad looking.
    So whatcha think? My first Drabble...

    5 points to Gryffindor.

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    Name: Cwiddy
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Loophole to My Heart
    Warnings: None
    Word count: 118

    Pale is my face,
    Filled with the scars I have tried to erase.
    She looks at me in this place.

    Love in her eyes.
    She is not safe with me but my heart defies.
    My mind screams out advice.

    She is so young.
    From my own loins she could have sprung!
    For this sin of love I should be hung.

    Resistant to my pleas,
    Her depression brings me to my knees.
    Love for her brings me past my boundaries.

    The werewolf is unable to resist
    Her depression makes me unable to persist,
    The battle to leave her unkissed.

    Beauty of soul,
    My defenses brought down by a loophole.
    Her heart fit perfectly into the keyhole
    Of my heart.

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