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Thread: SPEW Summer Swap Sign-Ups!

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    SPEW Summer Swap Sign-Ups!

    Hola, SPEWmigos! It's time for some fabulous summer fun, Potter style! We're going to kick off the summer holidays in fine fashion by having a good, old-fashioned fic swap. The Summer Swap has been a part of SPEW for years, and we're going to keep the light on and roll out the beach towels.

    The theme, even though most of you are vampiric creatures of the dark, is SUN!!! No more, no less, but it can be however you want to interpret it. And, knowing most of you, you are master interpreters, hehe.

    Now, the guidelines...

    Sign-Up Guidelines / Rules:

    • Post your request in this thread by April 30th.
    • Request posts should not contain anything inappropriate for the forums, nor should they request anything expressly forbidden by the archive rules (bestiality, incest, crossovers, scriptfic, etc.). However, as this activity will be posted to the spewswap community on LiveJournal, the rules on sexual content can be stretched a little. But not a lot, so put your cat-o'-nine-tails away.
    • If you are currently or will be on hiatus through the duration of the swap, you may still participate, but ONLY if you can guarantee that you will still be able to turn in a gift on time. If you do sign up during a hiatus and fail to make the deadline, it will bar you from participation in the following two story exchanges/writing activities. Please, donít make me do that.
    • Do not request a fic if you are not absolutely sure you will be able to take the time to write one for someone else. If you have to pull out due to unforeseen circumstances, then please notify me as soon as possible so that I can arrange for another story to be written. I CANNOT stress this enough, guys. It's a killer trying to find someone to write a pinch-hit two days before the fics are to be posted (especially in the Christmas season).
    • This is a SECRET swap. Don't let anyone know who you're writing for under any circumstances. If, of course, you use a SPEWer as your beta then they might figure it out/need to know, but they can't tell anyone either (obviously).
    • Use this format for your request post:
      PHP Code:
      [b][u]What Youíd Like to Receive[/u][/b]

      B]Favourite Themes/Genres/Character/Pairing(s)/POVs: [/b]
      b]Prompt(s): [/b](Try not to be too restrictiveTheyíre writing the story for younot youJust give helpful suggestions for guidance.)
      b]Preferred Rating Level: [/b](If you donít like smutsay so. If you donít like family-friendly fluffthis is where you ward off Ye Fluffy Bunnies.)
      b]Mood/Themes: [/b
      b]Squicks: [/b](These are things you wish NOT to receive. If you donít want slashsame-sex pairingscross-generational romanceSirius daughtersHarry siblings, or forgotten Maraudersdraw your line in the sand HERE.)
      b]Warnings out of your comfort zone: [/b]

      b][u]Your Writing Preferences[/u][/b]

      b]Limitations: [/B](characters you canít seem to get rightgenres with which youíre not very familiarPOVs you donít like overmuch)
      b]Favourite Themes/Genres/Characters to Write: [/b]
      b]Your Writing Peeves: [/b](Things that would make your eyes and fingers bleed to write)
      b]Warnings out of your comfort zone: [/b

    Submission Guidelines / Rules:

    • The story must be betaed and the beta credited in your author notes (initials are fine for the draft as to not give you away, but there must be some beta action). There are no exceptions. Don't PM to ask if it's really mandatory, because I'll say that it is.
    • All stories should be rated appropriately for the recipient [meaning their taste, not their age.] If you're writing for someone who does not generally venture into 6th-7th Years / Professors, then do not write that kind of fic. Also, this pertains to content and warnings, as well. If you are not sure, ask me, and I'll inquire on your behalf.
    • If you wish to include smut and you know the person you're writing for will enjoy reading it, then you may write it. It will be posted on spewswap, which has no rating guidelines. Again, though, keep it in the realm of good taste and no themes contradictory to MNFF submission guidelines (incest, bestiality, heavy kink - though if I have to explain this theme, chances are you wonít end up writing it anyway). . .you get the idea.
    • When submitting your story, please include this header:
      Warnings (if any):
      Authorís Note:
    • If desired, please also include a note from you to your recipient.
    • Stories do not need HTML tags for me to post them to the spewswap community. I only ask that you double-space your paragraphs as you would when submitting a fic to MNFF (a complete empty space after each paragraph. If you use MS Word, make sure the Add Space After Paragraph is NOT being used, as LJ deletes these spaces now >.<).
    • Stories should be emailed to me [Jess] by the due-date (July 15th). If you donít know my email already, PM me and I will give it to you. Please send it as an attachment. Do not put the text in the body of the e-mail.
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    What You’d Like to Receive

    Favourite Themes/Genres/Character/Pairing(s)/POVs: Oh, this shall be fun to list.

    Themes: not exactly sure what this is asking, but just in general I live in the pits of D/A
    Genres: D/A and Next Gen are my favourite
    Characters: I'm pretty open, but of course, Albus Potter is my favourite.
    Pairings: AlRose, Loulily, Alphius, Scugo, Leddy, James/anything, Albus/anything
    POVs: not particularly attached to any of them

    Prompt(s): (I'm guessing this is the Sun thing?) burning, the song Wagon Weel (I don't know, I just think of it as a sunny day during that), Greek mythology, Hufflepuff, manual labor, blinding, white spots, dawn, anything. I'm honestly not fussy, and if you want something completely different I will not pitch a fit.
    Preferred Rating Level: 1st-Professors
    Mood/Themes: generally dark
    Squicks: AU, or a fic centered solely around Hinny. I'm open (though I may blush a little at smut) and really don't mind much, if anything.
    Warnings out of your comfort zone: zip

    Your Writing Preferences

    Limitations: I honestly can't write Ginny, or Draco, for crap, and I'm not too familiar with writing Historical or AU. Also, I don't think I can do smut, because I had to learn how to write kissing from Soraya, and even then I'm not that great at that.
    Favourite Themes/Genres/Characters to Write: To describe in one sentence: my favourite fic is a dark Next Gen fic surrounding Albus.
    Your Writing Peeves: starting every sentence with 'I' or a pronoun, as well as having the same length of sentences.
    Warnings out of your comfort zone: zip
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    Yayay, the deadline is well after my last exam, so I am totally doing this! (Hopefully this story won't mushroom like my other two secret SPEW fics have, haha.)

    What You’d Like to Receive

    Favourite Themes/Genres/Character/Pairing(s)/POVs: Love/hate, smut, angst, smut, dark stuff with maybe some optimism thrown in if you want, smut, unrequited love that's fulfilled at least a little. Oh, and smut. Um in terms of characters and pairings, I'm pretty flexible -- femmeslash and maleslash are both welcome, but I do love het pairings too, so really, you have totally free reign in that respect (i.e. I'm not fussy about genders). I love canon pairings, especially James/Lily and Remus/Tonks, but I also like non-canon (as in, pairings that could have happened in canon like Katie/Oliver, Lavender/Blaise, Sirius/Rosmerta, basically any pairing in Trio and Marauder Era that canon doesn't contradict) and canon-contradictory when people in Marauder Era are involved (i.e. James/Remus, James/Sirius, Remus/Sirius, unrequited Remus/Lily if that's your thing).

    Prompt(s): Summer, Shine by Laura Marling, Indian summer, summer, sunlight on snow, heat of the moment, sunlight, strawberries.

    Some specific lyrics:

    We were born and raised in a summer haze
    Bound by the surprise of our glory days
    (Someone Like You by Adele)

    So we are history, your shadow covers me,
    The sky above the blaze, that only lovers see
    He walks away, the sun goes down
    He takes the day but I'm gone
    (Tears Dry on Their Own by Amy Winehouse)

    No news written to tell you,
    I write it white,
    foam on a wave
    as we lift up our skirts in the sea, wade,
    see last gold sun behind clouds,
    inked water in moonlight.
    No poems written to praise you,
    I write them white.
    (White Writing by Carol Ann Duffy)

    (I shall add things in when I can think of more but please don't feel restrained by any of these prompts -- they are for inspiration only and you can totally take your story in whatever direction you wish.)
    Preferred Rating Level: Something 6th-7th or Professors would be fabulous, but please keep things tasteful if you decide to make it smutty. I think there's a difference between crassness and just romance that happens to be smutty, if that makes sense, and I'd prefer the latter.
    Mood/Themes: Um, see above in favourite genres/themes. But generally I would like to see maybe a more complex relationship than just straight romance, if you know what I mean? Like I want there to be obstacles in the way; whether they're moral questions or social issues is totally up to you. Maybe one person loves the other too much or there's some kind of friends with benefits thing going on.
    Squicks: Please please please no AU or major OOCness. Obviously, that's less of an issue with the more minor characters. Oh, and I'd prefer if you didn't have lots of OCs and really minor characters in the forefront of the story. They can be there, but I'd prefer the main focus to be on canon characters, please.
    Warnings out of your comfort zone: Please keep everything canon- and epilogue-compliant (i.e. if you do decide to write James/Sirius, James's endgame should still be Lily). Also, I'd really prefer it if there wasn't non-consensual sex or dubious consent.

    Your Writing Preferences

    Limitations: I can write Marauder Era and Next Gen well (I think), but Historical is totally beyond me, and I think I have problems writing people like Filch and Snape and Voldemort. Also, I'm not the best at writing Harry, though I could always give it a go if you like Oh, and I like writing smut, but it maaaaay just be vanilla and resemble cheesy romance novels too much, lol.
    Favourite Themes/Genres/Characters to Write: I love writing Marauder Era, Next Gen and Post-Hogwarts. With Marauder Era, I am a huge fan of canon-contradictory pairings, especially slashy ones As for themes, I can write fluff, though I can't promise I'm any good at it. I can also write angsty things with happyish/ambiguous endings, and I like tackling moral issues in my stories that make people think. Though I can also write non-deep stories if you want, haha.
    Your Writing Peeves: Second person is pretty hard for me to write, and as mentioned above, writing Snape, Filch, Volders, Dumbledore or Hagrid is pretty much out of the question, hehe. Other than that, I think I'm okay?
    Warnings out of your comfort zone: Non-Consensual Sex, Dubious Consent, Alternate Universe, Epilogue? What Epilogue? and Book 7 Disregarded.
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    So this isn't locked yet, so I figured, why not?

    What You’d Like to Receive

    Favourite Themes/Genres/Character/Pairing(s)/POVs: Themes - forbidden love, music Genres - romance Characters - Lily Luna, Hermione Pairings - Lily Luna/Teddy (LOVE), Hermione/Oliver, Hermione/Lupin, Lily/Scorpius
    Prompt(s): Shine On - Florida Georgia Line, Cruise - Florida Georgia Line, Summer Nights - Rascal Flatts, Jumped Right In by Dallas Smith, All Summer Long - Kid Rock, sunset, water, Holst, Beethoven
    Preferred Rating Level: Anything really
    Mood/Themes: Summer love, forbidden love, but happiness
    Squicks: Slash
    Warnings out of your comfort zone: Slash

    Your Writing Preferences

    Limitations: Marauder would likely be disastrous.
    Favourite Themes/Genres/Characters to Write: Next-Gen
    Your Writing Peeves: I don't really have pet peeves.
    Warnings out of your comfort zone: Slash
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    Sorry for my lateness!

    What Youíd Like to Receive

    Favourite Themes/Genres/Character/Pairing(s)/POVs:
    Themes: love, family, teasing, puns, feminism, music
    Genres: Marauder Era, romance, gen fic
    Characters: The Marauders and Lily, Luna, Dumbledore, Oliver Wood, Draco, minor trio era people
    Pairings: rare pairs of any variety, anything involving the Marauders and Lily, random slash

    Prompt(s): You can completely ignore these if you like, but here goes! Beach, picnic, laughter, sunburn, sand, water, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Copland, David Bowie, Ella Fitzgerald, Gershwin, Holst, The Kinks, Laura Marling, Paul Simon, Vampire Weekend (like any music by any of those artists).
    Preferred Rating Level: Whatever suits your plot bunny
    Mood/Themes: Summery and happy, preferably, but if angst happens, then so be it.
    Squicks: AU and OOCness, even for the sake of comedy.
    Warnings out of your comfort zone: AU type things, abuse, and non-consensual sex.

    Your Writing Preferences

    Limitations: Next-gen and historical are probably best avoided, as are the trio, people like Mundungus, Hagrid and Mad-Eye, and the major villains. I'd rather not do AU, and I tend to write more fluff than angst. Also, second person isn't my thing.
    Favourite Themes/Genres/Characters to Write: Marauders, Post-Hogwarts, fluffy, silly romantic things.
    Your Writing Peeves: Anything American? OOC, humour-type things. Otherwise, see above.
    Warnings out of your comfort zone: AU, abuse and non-consensual sex.
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    What You’d Like to Receive

    Favourite Themes/Genres/Character/Pairing(s)/POVs: I'd like to steer away from major ships, canon or otherwise. I prefer more fringe canon characters earning spotlight, and if you can sell me on a rarepair, well done.
    Prompt(s): Basically, any Shinedown song would be lovely, especially something off the Sound of Madness album. Also, I wouldn't mind something with a Coldplay feel to it (thanks, Jules!)
    Preferred Rating Level: 6th/7th years or higher. I'm not really a family friendly type.
    Mood/Themes: Nothing fluffy. You all know me pretty well to realise that it would probably make my flesh melt.
    Squicks: No Snapery, Marauders, or romanticising of sensitive issues. If you're going to go *there*, do it right or ask me straight up if something would/wouldn't be acceptable.
    Warnings out of your comfort zone: Warning away. I'm unbreakable.

    Your Writing Preferences

    Not going to fill this out because I know what I don't want to write and won't assign it to myself. Kthxbai!
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    Well, assignments have been sent out. I'm glad a couple of you took the bait. I left the thread open because an exchange with three people wouldn't have been much fun, so thank you, Maple and Sophie, for coming to play!

    Remember, your stories are due by July 15th, which gives you OVER two months to complete them. No excuses, as well, because the summer holidays are nigh for most or all of you.

    With that, let the games begin!
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