We've done this one before, but it was a while ago and a most worthy cause. Your task, my fearless lovelies, is to go find a story that meets the following criteria:

*A one-shot/poem with fewer than 100 reads, OR
*A chaptered fic with fewer than 100 reads per chapter.

One thing that most of you have either encountered or experienced is finding a story that is absolutely amazing, yet no one is reading/reviewing it because it might not be mainstream enough. Or a weird pairing. Or a less-than-popular category. However, we will be seeking out such things and bringing a little bit of SPEWly love to some of the darker corners of the archives.

As usual, ask and answer a TQ, and returning for further discussion, while not required, is heavily encouraged. Here's a couple to get you started:

How often do you 'pimp' stories with fewer reads or reviews to your fanfic friends?

Do you ever review stories featured on the archives?

This activity is due to be completed by 15th May at the end of the day in order to count as your monthly activity.