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Thread: Heather25x's newest Drabble

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    Heather25x's newest Drabble

    Hi people! I wrote a new Drabble, the main character being Luna Lovegood. Luna is my favourite character, and i feel there is so much more to her than we know, and that she is a lot more insecure that meets the eye. So i wrote this drabble to get across exactly what i think Luna must feel like to be on the receiving end of all the teasing. Sorry if it's a bit boring, as i think it is. But i'm just proud that i finally wrote something that stayed comfortably under 500 words! Also, i'm very sorry if i've layed it out wrong, but i'm adding it to my author's page soon, so you can see it properly there.

    Title: She Was Home
    Words: 400
    Warnings: None

    Home sweet home, Luna Lovegood thought happily as she stepped into the warmth of her home. Dropping her bags on the floor, she headed for her room, which she had missed incredibly. Luna opened the door and, with a satisfied sigh, she sank into her bed.

    Luna’s bedroom was like her haven. Her whole home was her complete dream. At school, people stole her things and made fun of her, but even though she pretended it didn’t bother her, she still hated it. She hated being called “Looney Luna”, and having people laugh at her clothes. It made her so sad to go to find a book in her bag and never find it, because someone had taken it. But she pretended all of this didn’t bother her, because then it was less painful. At home, she could be herself, and enjoy the summer with her dad, who seemed to Luna to be the only person who didn’t laugh at her when she said she was going on an expedition this summer to find the Crumple-Horned Snorkack.

    That was what she was looking forward too most this summer: the trip up north with her dad. Crumple-Horned Snorkacks where extremely rare, and no one ever believed her when she spoke about them, especially that Hermione Granger, who scoffed everytime Luna mentioned a creature Hermione hadn’t heard of. Now, she would have proof, and no one would be able to laugh at her anymore.

    She hadn’t been aware at all that she appeared weird, or strange to the other students in Hogwarts, until she realised that there must be a reason why people called her “Looney Luna”.

    But now, Luna was in her own home, with her dad, and was free to read her books on the mysterious creatures she had never seen, read The Quibbler without people whispering behind their hands, and wear her radish-earrings without having the girls around her giggle nastily. Now, she could be herself, completely.

    ‘Luna? Luna, I’m home!’ rang a voice up the stairs. Luna shot up and rushed down the stairs to find her dad, standing in the doorway, his arms open wide. Luna ran into her dads arms and hugged him tight, she had missed him so much that year. Luna let go and looked up into her father’s chartreuse eyes. Finally she was home, and she had never felt so happy about it.
    I hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to express opinions, nit-pick and improve in any way that you like.

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    This was very sweet. I could totally picture Luna thinking all those things. Well done.

    ‘Luna? Luna, I’m home!’
    THis should be "Luna? Luna, I’m home!"
    Home sweet home,
    should also have quotation marks around it.


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    I thought this was very good! I liked how you showed Luna's feelings on being made fun of at Hogwarts. You had her portrayed differently than everyone normaly sees her. Normally she's written saying many things weird but not this time. I liked it. Keep up the nice work!

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    Fantastic banner by minnabird, thank you!

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    Thank you, both of you About the quote marks: Thansk for pointing that out. In writing i normally use only one quote mark, i think just because that's how most books do it, even though i know it's supposed to be " not '. Also, i wasn't sure whether thoughts should be in quotes or not, so thanks for letting me know

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