Also do New Englanders have a different perspective on life from other Americans? California's been mentioned as less polite so I wondered if there were any regional characteristics for New England (thinking in terms of Boston/Cape Cod here). Is that even New England?
I'm New Hampshire born and bred, so I think I can answer these
New England has 6 states: Maine, NH, Vermont, Massachussetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Sometimes, New York's Westchester County likes to pretend it's part of New England, but usually, we're just those 6.
New Englanders are fishers, farmers, foresters, and financial advisors. I think Boston has the most colleges per capita of any city in the US. New England is very devoted to their sports teams- Red Sox (baseball), Patriots (American football), Celtics (basketball), Bruins (hockey), and once and a while we cheer for the Revolution (soccer/football). As a general rule, we hate: The New York Yankees, the New York Mets, the New York Giants, and the New York Jets. Yes, that rhymes. We're clever.
We have four seasons- Beautiful Spring, Brutally Hot Summer, Beautiful Autumn, and Brutally Cold Winter. Or, as some like to say, Winter, Still Winter, Not Winter, and Almost Winter.
We are horrible drivers.
We are very friendly, except in Boston. Bostonians are very, very mean. (Not all of them, just the ones that tourists are most likely to see.)

Language- We say Wicked as an adjective. It can mean whatever you want it- That toast was wicked good, She slapped him wicked hard, I'm wicked cold, That movie was wicked wicked, That (slam-)dunk was wicked sweet.
We also say sweet. Sweet can be good or bad, just like wicked. If you use them together, you should make sure the context points some clues to what's really being said.

Life- Small towns are really prevalent here. My mother owns the only store in our village, so consequentially I know every resident (there's not many). When I talk to my friends about things that I do "in my town", I mean the one five miles down the road- the one with the gazebo and the gift shop. If you want hints on New England small-town life, watch one of the earlier episodes of Gilmore Girls. *sqee!*

The New England perspective on life? Just keep shoveling, because once you stop, the snow will start flyin' again.

Um, yeah. Sorry for the epic post!