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Back to your question. Firstly, I think it depends on how you what to portray your story. For example, while Harry Potter contains dark themes, but its not classified as a teen/young adult book. Any teen knows that that an institution that houses teens ages 11-17 will cause much more trouble than portrayed in the series - and I'm not talking about pranks trouble, if you get my gist. Really, if you're going for a more realistic feel, America students aren't afraid of their teachers and equally unafraid to bash/insult them. Usually, a teacher that is considered 'good' is someone who can connect with the kids, which obviously requires some of the standard proprieties/mannerisms to be dropped. A teacher like, for instance, McGonagall would be considered really bad/boring and probably called derogatory names behind her back.
Yes, but American high school teachers can't turn you into a ferret.

Hogwarts teachers have a lot more discretion in punishing students. Only a few (like Snape) really get carried away, but just knowing your teacher carries a wand and is much better at using it than you are would quell a lot of misbehavior.