Well, now we’re back after our day robe shopping (I purchased a fabulous set of robes designed by Jean-Paul Golompierre, no less) so let the real April competition began.

(I can hear the protests from here, so the goat competition will still run.)


(the clue is in the title)

Your task is to write a drabble which must be historical, hysterical, or both. And how will you achieve this? Why, by incorporating one of the greatest witches of the Potterverse in your drabble. Yes, we are talking about, the old dragon herself . . .


The drabble must feature her. Not just a name-check, or a photograph. She must be in the drabble and have a line of dialogue.

It can be at any time in her life. (b. c1890)

Aaaaand, just to liven it up a little, you must use these words in your drabble (please bold them)


You are allowed to alter the words slightly, so spice could be spicy or spicing, for instance.

All drabbles must be between 300-500 words.

5 points participation

Then, if we have sufficient quality, we shall award thusly!

5 points for third
10 points for second
15 points for first.

Use this form for your entries:

PHP Code:
B]Ratings  Warnings:[/B]
This competition will close on April 30th at 10 pm BST .

All normal MNFF submission guidelines apply. This means you should use betas, format properly, and not annoy the barmaids with canon spelling errors or dodgy timeline issues.