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Thread: A Goatily Different April Challenge

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    using rare and complicated words

    Hahahahahaha - Well, I am glad you entered into the spirit of this, especially as I was only intending this to be a small (small, to the point of miniscule) joke and I wasn't really intending to award points (except to the Puffs, naturally) However you entered and were enthusiastic. So I applaud your enthusiasm.

    There is a little problem, though. Some of you caught the spirit of the competition but made SPaG errors. Some of the entries were wistful stories but I didn't laugh. Obviously humour is a personal thing, but there were only one or two I chuckled at, and one of them is ineligible and the other is too wrapped up in a personal joke for me (I did grin, though, really - despite the use of my pet peeve)

    Therefore, because of the parameters of the challenge, I am only awarding participation points.

    This is NOT the same as cake-womaning. If any of you had been cake-womaned, then I wouldn't have awarded participation points. Another point ... please get your entries beta'd. Please ... pretty please ... or I'll set the goat on you.


    Gryffindor - 5
    Hufflepuff - 5
    Ravenclaw - 10
    Slytherin - 10

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