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Thread: A Goatily Different April Challenge

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    A Goatily Different April Challenge


    Carmerta, Hestiana and all t’other barmaids ‘ave upped their sticks ‘n closed their pub for the time being. Gone robe shopping, or some such witchly rubbish, so if you want a drink, you’ll ‘ave to come in ‘ere.

    Who am I? Crollaforth Bumblebore, but most people call me ‘Oi, you!’.

    What you waiting for? Sit down, then and I’ll get you a drink. Only got Firewhisky, though. No call for that Butterbeer muck in this establishment.

    So I’m s’posed to set a competition, right?

    Uhm .... let me think. What do I like? What would get yer writing?

    Write a drabble about goats.

    Yeah, that’s it. Oh, and include Potter (that’s ‘Arry, not ‘is dad or kids) or one of his classmates in the drabble.

    Got that!

    Uhm, I’m not one for all that book learning rubbish, so I don’t care about all that SPaG rubbish, but my lovely assistant Jonesy-the-Goat, is one of them there beta-readers, so she’ll kick yer backsides if you muck things up. (She keeps bleatin’ about Finnigan or Finnegan, or some such rubbish).

    Keep yer drabbles short – no more than 500 words.

    5 points participation
    5 points if you make me snort
    10 points if I chortle
    15 points if I guffaw
    20 points if yer a Hufflepuff. (Not really. Crollaforth has been reprimanded for this)

    Crollaforth will NOT be judging this challenge as he's barely able to read and thus the points will be for third, second and first place. You may make me smile, you may make me weep. You are not allowed to bore me or Hestiana.

    PHP Code:
    B]Title: [/B]
    B]Warnings: (nothing muckyme goats are sensitive)[/B]
    B]Ratings: (GillywaterButterbeerFirewhisky)[/B]
    B]A/N: [/B
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