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Thread: CHALLENGE: What Has Fanfiction Done For Me?

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    CHALLENGE: What Has Fanfiction Done For Me?

    Well, it’s been a bit too quiet around the GFD lately, and we can’t stand for that, can we? I am determined to give this place at least one post in March, hehe, so I’d like to take this time to announce a writing challenge that’s been in the works for a while.

    Some of the older members around here might remember the Fiction Junction challenge that went on about two years ago - I remember it because it was the first one that happened when I joined the boards. The one I’m talking about is here: How Harry Potter Changed My Life.

    We’re going to take that old challenge and give it a new and improved twist to fit up with GFD. Your new essay topic?

    What Has Fanfiction Done for Me?

    We’re all here for some reason. What is yours?

    Now obviously I’d like you to connect that with Harry Potter fanfiction, and that should be the underlying theme in this essay, but if you’d like to mention other fandoms within your essay you are welcome to. Just make sure to include HP as the main fandom within this. Think . . . how has MNFF changed my life? What has writing like this done for me? Be as creative as you like.

    This challenge should NOT be written in the same form as other challenges that you see here on the boards. Instead of submitting to the archives (don’t do that, hehe) I’d like you to send them to me via PM and I will post them here anonymously (as to garner maximum amounts of fairness). When the challenge closes I will then post a link to vote and a winner will be decided from that poll. Remember that this is an anonymous activity and as such your entries shouldn't be discussed with other MNFF members.

    Unlike other challenges this should be based off of real life facts, not fiction or other fanfiction. However I’m not trying to limit your creativity…you are welcome to submit letters, essays, or even poetry if you like

    This challenge will close at 5:00 PM on Saturday the 13th of April EST(-4GMT) - I'm not a time zone converter so please, please make sure to get your entries in on time. That’s just under three weeks so hopefully this is enough time to get lots of entries in as I know lots of you are off on spring break. The link to the poll will then be posted by the 14th and will remain open for one week, until the winners are announced on the 22nd.

    More information below:
    • Please keep your entries between 300 and 1500 words
    • Entries should not exceed 6-7th years ratings or warnings...I mean this with profanity more than anything. Anything deemed inappropriate will be blurred out by me.
    • The first place winner will receive 15 points - I am not sure whether I will award 2nd or 3rd place -it will be depending on the number of participants.
    • Every participant will receive 5 participation points
    • If you have any questions please shoot me a PM!

    PHP code: (to send me in your entry)
    PHP Code:
    [b]Name:[/b] (will not be posted)
    b]Title:[/b] (please be creative)
    b]A/N:[/b] (if any
    Have fun!

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