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    Arrow Guidelines for Help Essays

    Members are not allowed post essays without first obtaining approval from a moderator.

    Members are encouraged to continue to write essay-like posts for the purpose of helping other members, but we are simply attempting to regulate these posts more thoroughly

    For reasons of technicality, an essay will be defined as an original post discussing or addressing a certain subject pertaining to writing, fan-fiction or anything else applicable the purpose of the forums. Character Profiles, questions for help or discussion, excerpts, etc do not fall under the category of ‘essay’.

    Guidelines for Essay Approval

    1. All essays should follow all existing forum rules for posting. Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling is a given.

    2. All essays should be well organised and concise.

    3. Essays should be helpful to the forum members.

    4. Any essay that pertains to fact, either analysis of fact or a compilation of information for authors, must be researched. However knowledgeable you are on the subject or not, if a moderator questions the reliability of your information, you might be asked to give a source you used or to verify your information.

    5. Any essay that is based on opinion must also researched, should that be necessary. It should be made clear in the essay that it is the opinion of the author and not necessarily the only approach to the topic.

    It would also be more preferable, though not required, if the essay was presented as a discussion starter - asking the question at the beginning of the post and providing the essay as an answer. Posts that open a topic up for discussion are more beneficial to the authors of the site.


    These are guidelines – not necessarily a full set of rules. Use your own discretion in what you think is appropriate for the site, as the mods will use their own discretion also.

    To get your essay approved:

    PM your essay to the moderator of the forum in which you intend to post. The forum moderators are as follows:

    Madam Pompfrey's Character Clinic: Alex/welshdevondragon
    Skele Gro Plot Potion: Nicole/NikkiSue
    The Reference Desk: Terri/mudbloodproud
    Excerpts of Murtlap: Nicole/NikkiSue
    General Fanfiction Discussion: all mods

    If you would like to post an essay in another forum, not listed above, then you should PM NikkiSue, Phoenix5225 or mudbloodproud.

    Penalty for posting an unapproved essay:

    Simple – it will be removed. Feel free to PM it to a moderator to recieve approval to repost it. Moderators might deduct house points at their own discretion; repeat offenders are more likely to lose points.
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