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December 18, 1993 (24)
About J Raven
Hi there person who is currently being stalky on my profile...

My name is Jess, I'm 18 and live in the South Island of New Zealand.

Here are a few random details about me...

-I work part time in a library
-My laptop/phone/iPod/electronic Sudoku are my best friends
-I have two cats, Mila and Tikila
-I plan to begin University in March where I am going to double major in Chemistry and English <- Yeah, yeah, weird combination... I've heard it all before. I have my reasons ;D
-I have one piece of writing on Mugglenet but I am lazy so if you want me to write more, invest in a cattle prod... please don't!
-If you want to talk to me in real life, it is recommended (by my best friend) that you allow me time to remove my headphones before you begin speaking
-All who meet me, consider me to be completely insane

I'm obsessed with...

-Harry Potter (duh)
-Harry Potter Role Play on Facebook (*is Remus*)
-My Chemical Romance
-Nikki Sixx <- Read his book "The Heroin Diaries''
-Tom Riddle
-Green Day

Note: These change weekly so if you wanna chat to me about them, PM me before I move onto something new like the colour purple "Oooh, purple!" *Goes to stare at purple object*

I was very active (although slightly lurky) on Mugglenet up until a few months ago when school work hit mountainous levels. I hope to return to being active now that I'm finished with exams so you should see me more often then.

PM me if you wanna chat about anything, my inbox is open to whatever randomness we can cook up :D

Okay that is all.

Why are you still here?

You can stop reading now...

...Seriously it is time to go back to your own life now, stop staking mine!

Okay now you're just creepy.

...GO AWAY! *takes profile and hides in a corner with it*
In the Restricted Section...with Sirius
Reading, listening to music and writing
Soon to be University Student of Chemistry and English
Pottermore Account:


Banner photographed by me and edited by xBeccaxBlackx
It was worth the chocolate : )

"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching"
Gerard Way


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