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I love to talk with people and get opinions. I love learning new things and strangely I Actually like school and tests. I made a 27 on my first ACT as a 10th grader going into 11th, I like coming up with original ideas(one of the reasons I like OC's because it is a totally new character and it takes on a personality all it's own. My favorite color is Midnight blue tied with black because it reminds be of nighttime when it's all peaceful and quiet. I want to be a archeologist or something to do with travel and interacting with what is around me. My worst fear is the fear of being left alone by the people I care about.
My favorit animal is either a fox, horse, wolf, or leopard.
My favorit HP characters are Remus, Sirius, Hermione, Snape, The twins, and Luna.
I am very talkative and sometimes that seems to creep people out.
I am a Ravenclaw, then Hufflepuff, then a Griff, then a Slytherin which is weird when I got Slytherin on mugglenet interactive and got Gryff on here. I love taking online tests and in all of them I had done this was the first I had gotten Slytherin and second time I got Gryffendor. I always get Ravenclaw and sometimes Hufflepuff but I guess they are all good in their own way. In my story the rival is a Ravenclaw so I guess all houses have both good and bad.
I really hate when people call all OC's Mary's or Gary's without telling the person why they think they are when no one else seems to think so or telling them ways to fix it! That is one of my worst petpeeves. Okay, I guess that's it for now.
Some English speaking place that is sadly not Hogwarts.
I like Reading and writing of course, I like to hike, walk, eat, sleep, play Yu-gi-oh, and learn.
School and writing fanfiction
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