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  1. If you've read the 7th book please answer
  2. London help! Harry and Ron to rent a flat and no idea where to put them
  3. What is the hair and eye color of these characters -DH SPOILERS-
  4. Ages of DH Epilogue Characters
  5. What years would James II and Albus in at Hogwarts when Lily II joins?
  6. What Types of Blood are these characters?
  7. Two Questions about James Potter II
  8. Next Generation Timeline Inconsistencies
  9. The Next Generation- Birthdays
  10. Help needed for Harry and Ginny's Relationship.
  11. Wizarding World Developments
  12. You're How Old?
  13. The Next Generation: Professors
  14. Traveling with Small Children(DH spoilers)
  15. Madam Pomfrey in Epilouge?
  16. College?
  17. Hogwarts Staff: 1999-2007
  18. Harry's Abilities Post-DH
  19. Next-Gen Timeline
  20. Ollivander's Post-DH
  21. Azkaban Guards
  22. Battle of Hogwarts Aftermath
  23. Harry and Ginny back in Godric's Hollow
  24. What would Harry tell his children?
  25. How Hogwarts would Change
  26. Changes Since the War
  27. Wild Ford Anglia
  28. Next Generation Characters
  29. Harry's Children = Parselmouths?
  30. How James, Albus and Lily are related to Narcissa Malfoy
  31. Need help with Post Hogwarts information!!
  32. Harry and the Next Gen.?