Terri has been part of MNFF since January of '08. She had recently given in and read the HP books which she had always thought of as children's books. Since then, she has become obsessed with anything HP. She is the Hufflepuff resident Canon Queen and is always available for you to check a canon fact with. Her true love is Sirius Black and insists falling through the Veil did not kill him only transported him to the U.S. She is the moderator for Marauder Era, where she does her best to prevent the cliche's. Terri also teaches the MWPP class on the beta forums to again dispel the common cliche's surrounding the Marauders. Terri manages The Reference Desk on the Beta forums as well as being the Hufflepuff Head of House. She also runs the Gauntlet challenges on the Beta forums. She is an admin on both the Beta forums and here on the fanfiction archives.


Nicole has been a part of MNFF since 2006 and a moderator since 2008. Originally joining only due to her (Hufflepuff) cousin's persistence, she has since embraced life as a member, a Moderator and also as an Admin. The site keeps her busy though she is quite adept at balancing life as a wife and mom of two kids along with anything MNFF dishes out. On the boards, she is the Slytherin Head of House and also takes care of the Dueling Club, The Excerpts of Murlap, the Character Clinic and Dumbledore's Navy. She mods both Dramione and Draco/OC but admits to sneaking into the Ron/Hermione category and peeking at what has been submitted simply as a HUGE fan. On a final note, please know that she is a stickler for keeping characters canon and will delete without blinking an eye at first sight of the nicknames 'Mione' and 'Gin.' Remember: Proof reading is a wonderful thing and EVERY author needs a beta . . . even you.

Kim has been a member of MNFF since 2005. She became a mod in the spring of 2006 and an admin in 2009. She has had a few periods of time away from MNFF, but her Hufflepuff loyalty keeps drawing her back. Her quill has been silent as her muse seems to have also gone on an extended hiatus, but she still enjoys reading the work of fellow writers. She is a sweeper mod, preferring to be a jack of all trades but master of no category and is constantly challenged and inspired by the interesting stories she finds. Her favorite character has always been and will remain Severus Snape, due to the intense complexity of his character. Her best advice to authors is to find a qualified beta, because even though we all think our work is perfect, having a second set of eyes really helps to refine our stories and ideas. In her (very limited) free time, Kim enjoys photography and keeping up with her two teenaged sons and infant daughter.


the opaleye
Jess not only lurks the queue for all your submission needs, but she is also the Ravenclaw Head of House over on the forums. Though she expected to be sorted into Slytherin (and still retains many of her snakey ways), Jess has embraced her inner Turnip and takes pride in how well her Eagles do both on the forums and on the archives. Also, Jess has taken SPEW, Beta Services For Sale or Rent, and Beta Wanted under her wing.
She also enjoys Dark/Angst stories, and she holds court in the queue over that category to bring you only the best. There are few aspects of the site that Jess doesn't take part in, so she is always happy to help you with whatever you need. Beware, though, that she might take off with the Doctor at any moment, and his TARDIS-parking skills are not what they used to be.
Her interests include watching sports and yelling at said sports through the TV, Cherry Coke, The Hunger Games trilogy, Star Trek, Cherry Coke, and pairing up the Potterverse's most peripheral characters, giving them stories of their own. Oh, and Cherry Coke.
Julia is an elf from Middle Earth who happened upon MNFF in 2009. On the beta boards she is the co-moderator of the Susan Bones' Book Club and resident Poet Laureate in Poetry, Anyone? On the archives you can find her lurking in Other Pairings, as well as various other categories. Despite her gracious elven ways and glorious head of red hair, she is also a Slytherin and takes much pride in her hissing skills, which come in handy whenever someone snatches her lembas. When she's not honing her archery skills on unsuspecting orcs, you can find her sitting in a tree with something fabulous blasting from her headphones, rereading one of her favourite books, sobbing over the perfection of her OTPs, and reciting poetry to anyone who dares to listen.
Viv joined MNFF in 2006 and then became a total Harry Potter fanfiction addict. She's always been a proud Harry/Ginny shipper, even before JKR made it official in HBP. She mods the Post Hogwarts category. When she's not glued to her computer, she likes to call herself a music freak, who loves to sing all the time and tries to play the piano. You can also find her eating tons of sugar to keep herself warm because her country (Canada) is probably the coldest place in the world, period. One day, she'll finally finish a bachelor degree in social work and then will be devoting her time in helping people in need.
Maple joined MNFF in 2010, after deciding that she wanted to read Consequentially Yours, a Professor's rated fic. Soon after, she stumbled across the boards, where she currently resides as a proud Gryffindor. Maple enjoys writing Lily Luna Potter and Hermione rare pairs. She currently moderates the Next-Gen category, though she will likely snag any Hermione/OC she may find. In real life, Maple is a starving music student, practising hours of classical piano a day and playing any instrument she can get her hands on. In the past few years, Maple has discovered that she loves singing, especially Requiems in choir and country music in her car. Maple's favourite composer of all time is Beethoven, and she often listens to his symphonies and piano sonatas while modding. In the summer, Maple is very lurky, preferring to spend time out of doors in the vast wilderness that she calls home, with a fishing pole in her hand and a tent to return to.
Soraya has been a member of MNFF since 2009 after tiptoeing over from SIYE, where she began her first forays into fanfiction. Since then, she has moved on from Harry/Ginny to the wilder marshes of cousin-pairing land and smut; she likes to think she is Lily Luna Potter most of the time, and while she has a fickle heart, her heart will always belong to Louis Weasley. She is, as she had always expected to be, a Ravenclaw on the Beta Boards, and she has the menacing title of Ebil Lieutenant. Though she mods Same-Sex Pairings, you may find find her lurking Romione or James/Lily, depending on her mood. And as you can guess from her even more menacing .38 beta pistol, Soraya is a stickler for SPaG, and she strongly advises you to find a beta for all of your submissions in order to avoid her grammar!wrath.
In her spare time, she writes fanfiction and OF, ninja-betas, reviews and constantly searches for time to finish her homework at last minute. She is obsessed with Adele, Bon Iver, Eminem and Florence + the Machine; she constantly gets emotional over various TV shows, and she has been drinking tea from the age of six and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Soraya is very active on the forums, so if there's anything you need to ask her, do shoot her a PM or email, and she will happily reply ASAP.
Ellie stumbled upon MNFF in 2010. After pouring through a good portion of the Marauder fics, she found an entirely different realm- Next Gen. Ellie enjoys writing Albus Potter centric fics, and is starting to branch out to other characters as well. She currently moderates Historical, though, and one of her OTPs is Helga/Salazar. On the boards Ellie is a Slytherin, much to her surprise. In real life she is a student, and enjoys violin, running, camping, and of course writing in her spare time. Ellie is obsessed with the bands Imagine Dragons, Fun, Boyce Avenue, and The Script and loves crime shows of any sort. Her favorite books outside of Harry Potter include The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Pride and Prejudice. If any bribery is ever needed, Ellie will gladly accept Dr. Pepper or guacamole.

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