Michael (Lupinpatronus) is your resident Project Manager of Audiofictions, as well as a MerMuggle Reader. He resides in sunny New Mexico, where he is infamous for throwing incredible Harry Potter parties and playing Quidditch in the backyard with friends. When not tending to his notable Potter collection, Michael is steeped in other hobbies and activities, including film (favoring the animated works of Disney and Studio Ghibli), video-gaming, playing with LEGOs, 90s nostalgia bombing and volunteering at his local library. Michael graduated from his local University in 2011 with a BA in Media Arts and a minor in Theater and now plans to pursue his goal of becoming a successful voice-over artist.



Carole (Equinox Chick) had spent her life devoted to saving lisping, blonde children from catastrophe. Then, one fateful day, she discovered Harry Potter fan fiction and started to write. Starting off as a Marauder fan, she now writes a multitude of genres and ships, meaning there's very little she'll refuse to read, write or record. When she looks up from her laptop, she sees the streets of London spread before her.



Jessie (Jessie Lights) is a twenty-something year old from good ole Colorado, USA. Besides the obvious (Harry Potter), she also adores Doctor Who, Futurama, Firefly, Jane Austen, web design, and butchering the English accent. When she's not podcasting, vlogging, trying to get her novel published, or singing to her cat, you'll find her shopping, sight-seeing, or obsessing over the latest Apple product.


Olivia (Apollonious) is a college student in Montana. Although she studies English literature, she also enjoys playing music, singing, acting, and being outside. She reads a great deal both recreationally and for school. She hasn't quite decided what she wants to be when she grows up, but for now, she's content to have fun and enjoy school. Her main guilty pleasure is shoes.



John Jennette (theGreatOm) is an animator from New Jersey with a penchant for books and language. Amongst his numerous literary fandoms, Harry Potter is the first and greatest, and being able to voice those characters to more people than just a handful of friends is a great joy. While not reading, he is making art, brushing up on trivia, or pursuing any number of nerdy hobbies that have wormed their way into his life.



Chad Hopkins (Chadadada17) is a college student in Texas, studying music education so that he can eventually become a high school band director. He plays the French horn and sings, but he also enjoys participating in theatrical productions when given the opportunity. In his spare time he enjoys reading. A big Harry Potter fan since the second grade, it was his love of Rowling's wizarding world and theatre that brought him to Audiofictions as a MerMuggle



Eliana (Granger7) is a nerdy college student from the Northeast US. She rides horses, debates, and plays her clarinets, which she is nerdy enough to name. Eliana studies math and philosophy, and so spends most of her time contemplating obscure and abstract ideas and playing with numbers. A HP fan from the very early days of the first book, Eliana referees Quidditch at her school and is excited to play a role in this fabulous fandom!



Margaret (pinkdude64) is a high school student from DC who didn't like Harry Potter for a very long time, but then she got over herself and now edits for Audiofictions because she was running out of things to fuel her obsession. Aside from that, she spends most of her time working with stage lights, arguing about fictional politics, and pretending she can write better than she actually can. She wants to be a senator when she grows up and Netflix is her actual best friend. In true poetic fashion, she began listening to Audiofictions instead of studying for her sixth grade exams and is now writing this to avoid studying for her history final.



Steven (stevenrankin) is an editor interested in TV, film, theatre, sound, improv, and comedy. He is currently working hard towards a career in Television. He lives just outside Glasgow, Scotland and loves it, but hopes to move to the US in his 20s or 30s to work on American TV, hopefully multi-camera sitcoms or late night shows. His hero is Craig Ferguson. Kinda geeky.