Launched on January 3rd of 2009, AudioFictions was originally founded by MuggleNet Fan Fiction's Rosie Morris. The program's goal is to bring Harry Potter fan fiction to fans around the globe in a new way, with recorded readings by the Audiofictions Readers, known as "MerMuggles."

Audiofictions experienced a low-key revision in early 2010, with one of the original MerMuggles, Jason Dewey, stepping into the role of Project Manager. Jason created and filled the new Host role and brought the show closer to its current format. In late 2010, Michael Harle was promoted to Project Manager and Host. Under Michaels's direction, and following a lengthy absence and revision, Audiofictions was quietly relaunched in 2011 with a new format and release schedule. This format was, again, modified before the show's major relaunch in 2012.

With over 150 episodes, Audiofictions aims to ensure that the magic of J.K. Rowling's world lives beyond the books by bringing the highest quality stories written by her fandom to life.